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Solitaire-y Confinement

. Well, it’s been a week since the election. I’m still trying to get used to my disappointment, thus the lack of posts. (It’s almost like I’m going through the grieving process) I’m laying off of most of my political … Continue reading

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Home Stretch

“..and sometimes you account for your money and talent so skillfully, you end up with a ton of it at the end and can bomb Dresden to a smoking pile of cinders: There are only days left to campaign and … Continue reading

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Closing The Deal

. Ladies and gentlemen, the choice is clear: . It is my hope that come Tuesday evening, Mitt Romney will be the next President-elect of the United States. Please be sure and vote on Tuesday! .

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The Instruments of Their Own Destruction

[Cross-posted at RedState] . Liberals in this country have brought about their own demise – they just don’t realize it yet. Ever since the Sexual Revolution, liberals have been on a path of species self-destruction. Through their “enlightened” policies over … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Comes to Fort Worth

. . It started out innocently enough – we received a phone call on Sunday afternoon, inviting us to “Come out and see Mitt Romney when he visits Fort Worth this Tuesday!”, followed by information about where and when, as … Continue reading

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When “The Best-laid plans of Mice and Men” go hilariously wrong…..

Those poor #Occupy kids – I’m sure they thought they were making a point when they came up with this brilliant idea: Janesville,WI—February 12th, 2012— The Republican Party of Rock County received an unexpected donation Saturday night from a liberal … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street – The Democrats’ Electoral Albatross

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a sickening display of liberal politicians, news anchors, pundits, and D-List celebrities jumping in front of the camera and gushing about how wonderful this whole “Occupy” movement is, what brave people they … Continue reading

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