Occupy Wall Street – The Democrats’ Electoral Albatross

"Instead of the cross, the albatross / About my neck was hung...."

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a sickening display of liberal politicians, news anchors, pundits, and D-List celebrities jumping in front of the camera and gushing about how wonderful this whole “Occupy” movement is, what brave people they are to be doing this, and what an inspiration these people are to “the rest of the country”.

The same liberal politicians and pundits who have downplayed the size and impact of the Tea Party movement over the past 2 years are now eager – nay, DESPERATE – to at last have their very own version of the Tea Party; so much so, that they have gone overboard in their gushing approval of these groups.

Liberal lawmakers appear to be more than willing to lend their vocal support to a group of people who are diverting attention away from the disastrous results of policies which have been implemented by their party over the last 3 years.

"God bless them", Nancy Pelosi said of the protesters.

Members of the media are eager to cover the story of a movement that more closely follows their idealistic view of how the world should work, and they have done their level best to make this movement look as mainstream and well-behaved as possible.

Unfortunately for those hoping to capitalize on the perceived popularity of these protests, the dirty reality of the movement’s ultimate endgame is being exposed for all to see.  Many of the conservative blogs have done the research that the mainstream media is either unable or unwilling to do, and what they are turning up isn’t pretty. 

The politicians, journalists, and pundits who approve of this movement need to understand that they are aligning themselves with groups that are more than just a little bit radical.  Time is quickly running out for them to distance themselves from this movement.


The “Occupy” movement has been endorsed by the American Nazi Party:

Comrades the “BLINDERS” are finally COMING OFF many Americans!….. [T]heir ANGER is STIRRING. It’s TIME to FAN those FLAMES! THIS is only the beginning…..
For White Worker Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda , Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com


The movement has been sanctioned by the Communist Party USA; they are sending their members to help out with protests all across the country:

Southern California Party leader Arturo Cambron will share how the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) are working in “Occupy Los Angeles.  This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance.


But wait – there’s more!  The Worker’s World Party – a mish-mash of Communism, Marxism, Leninism, and Socialism – has also embraced the Occupy Movement:

…activists of all ages and nationalities gathered at the Paul Robeson Auditorium in the South Bronx Oct. 8 and 9. They discussed the significance of the rapidly expanding Occupy Wall Street movement and the role workers and oppressed must play to bring a genuine anti-capitalist direction to this struggle.


Remember when Nancy and her merry crew tried to imply that the Tea Parties were full of swastika-carrying neo-Nazis? Good times. Good times.

The organizers of the Occupy movement convinced people that they were against “Wall Street greed”, and most of their early supporters jumped on board without taking the time to do their homework.  Many of the people who started out supporting these protests have packed up and gone home – they were smart enough to realize that they were being used by the organizers and hard-core anarchists who are behind all of this.

And yet many liberal politicians, journalists, and pundits still haven’t figured it out – they are STILL throwing their support behind the Occupy movement.

Mr. Obama - please note WHICH side is calling for "Class Warfare".....

Well here is what I have to say to these professional idiots:  YOU are the ones who decided to climb into bed with these people.  If you still support them, you are either colossally  stupid, or you have no problem agreeing with their positions. 

Fair enough.  

Between now and November, 2012, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that this giant albatross continues to hang around your neck until every last one of you is covered with the stench of anti-Americanism that these people embrace. 

In other words, you guys OWN every filthy, stinking piece of this movement.


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40 Responses to Occupy Wall Street – The Democrats’ Electoral Albatross

  1. They throw their support behind the movement because that is all they have to use as a veneer of still being the “party of the people”.


    • Someone said something a while back that stuck with me – the Democrat party appears to be nothing more than a bunch of special-interest “tribes”, all jockeying for position; every once in a while, someone comes along who can corral them all together, but it never holds for very long (which is why only ONE Democratic president has been re-elected since FDR…..).


      • Wayyyy back in the early days of the Clinton Administration, what by then passed for the National Lampoon ran a comic parody of the Clintons and Gores as a version of the Fantastic Four. They are ultimately brought down by a Lilliputian army of special interests from their own side.

        I was a bit too young to fully get the gag back then.


  2. Cheney'sleftnut says:

    “In other words, you guys OWN every filthy, stinking piece of this movement…”

    Conversely, does this mean that you, and those you claim to represent, ‘own’ the legislative approval and implementation of the practices that enabled the crash of 2008? (A function of banking deregulation) And do you own the sedition that is Grover Norquist’s Tax Pledge, signed by all but I believe 6 republican representatives? (I thought they were supposed to represent their constituents, not some libertarian wingnut. PS. He’s a manipulative criminal who’s done more harm than any of the wannabe crazies that you allude to. He should be arrested…)

    And of course you own a willingness to abolish the EPA & FDA? Afterall, who needs clean water or clean air? The free-markets will act responsibly and put the safety and health of the public before their bottom line – I mean, we have so many, many examples of just such responsible ethical behavior – don’t we? NOT!

    Oh, yes – let’s dump SSI, it’s ‘the the heart of the beast’ after all, I mean, 666 can be found hidden somewhere on the face of those checks – be afraid, very afraid. (despite the fact that SSI is the only thing most Americans have left to ensure a modest retirement. (The corporate model no longer embraces pensions – and banks are paying a whopping .05% interest on savings. 2 of the 3 vehicles people have known have been dispatched.)

    There’s YOUR albatross…and it’s bigger and fatter than the Christmas Goose, and more realistic than the ramblings of unrealized fringe groups that you have been so kind to point out. Those are just a few of the reasons you will LOSE in 2012…so, you better get to work scaring more people – Holloween’s right around the corner…


    • Again, you failed to READ the post; it talks about how the American Nazi Party, the Communist Party of the USA, and the Workers’ World Party have wholeheartedly thrown their support behind this movement.

      You do realize that the legislation put into place that enabled the Crash of 2008 was ALL passed under Democratically-controlled Congresses, right?

      That our air is cleaner than it has EVER been, and the EPA has outlived its usefulness? (At this point, we are essentially trying to “clean a bowl” that has already been scraped almost entirely clean) That the EPA – a body of UNELECTED bureaucrats – is writing laws that nobody voted to have implemented?

      And in regards to SSI, you DO realize that the government is taking 5% of your paycheck AND a matching amount from your employer and you will NEVER see the bulk of that money again, right? And if you don’t work a total of 10 years, YOU DON’T GET ANY BENEFITS!!!!! Incidentally, there is NO rate of return on SSI money collected – it gets paid out to current beneficiaries THE MINUTE IT IS PAID IN.

      If people were allowed to invest that money in a PRIVATE account, they would earn a MUCH higher rate of return (the stock market has historically returned 4-7% annually over a holding period of 30-40 years), that money would be THEIRS when they retire, THEY would decide how much money they can take out each year after they retire, AND any money that is left over when they die WOULD PASS TO THEIR HEIRS.

      So, yeah – I’m ALL for abolishing SSI.

      But again, GO BACK AND READ THE POST – none of what you mention was ever cited in the post; this is only about OWS and the Democrats’ embrace of them.


      • fredsave1 says:

        Now T – I do have to whole heartedly disagree about the EPA, as they are not “essentially trying to “clean a bowl” that has already been scraped almost entirely clean.” That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact this is where the right to choose ignorance (comment from one of our previous posts) can be down right dangerous for our entire population.

        See to me this happens to be an issue where I do lean to the left (Environmental Protection). The EPA should NOT be abolished, it should be made more effective and functional.


      • Cheney'sleftnut says:

        No, you are correct – none of what I allude to was cited in your post…though that is where your lucky streak ends.

        My point was a) who cares that these fringe groups have surfaced to support OWS – they are but fringe groups and are quite unlikely to affect a large segment of widespread & relevant political discourse. And b) the Dems have really not ’embraced’ this movement. When asked to comment, their closest hug has been to say that they can understand ‘why’ these folks are upset. So, the gist of your post is to smear Democrats with a ‘guilt by association’ argument,’ and as your arguments generally go, a weak one at that.

        My additional commentary was to offered to illustrate that within your argument(s) you rarely, if ever, are willing to recognize any of the systemic issues that the OWS crowd bring to light – your primary concern is to obfuscate their message with tangential and oft-times paranoid ramblings. And thereby, c) If this ‘association/support’ is the Dems’ albatross, it appears to be but a fledgling compared to the albatross the Reps/TP’s carry about.

        Who cares which party is responsible for legislation which allows banks to deal in high risk securities traded on margin? The point is that such deregulation allowed for an environment which caused a great disruption to the health of the US and world economies. Most people want clean air/water – your ‘clean bowl’ comment is very possibly the most ridiculous response I’ve ever heard. Pollution control is an evolving effort, not some jigsaw puzzle whose pieces have all been put in place. If we dumped the EPA, it wouldn’t take long for us to return to the sorry state that inspired the need for such an organization. If SSI is dismantled and people en masse get into the market then should it not be a well regulated market, which prohibits such chicanery on the part of banking institutions or otherwise? Do we not deserve a fair playing field? The free markets will act responsibly if unregulated? Tell that to the folks who worked for ENRON – You probably know a few – I’m sure their retirements are just smooth sailing…

        Regulations are rarely put in place to establish ground rules, they are measures added because of the chicanery of a few. Earlier on, you yourself made the point that human nature is fallible – people are not perfect – they lie, steal, & sweep things under rugs. Well as a result our financial stability, environment, and health of community suffers. In the words of Andy Richter – people suck.


    • Troll Feeder says:

      George Bush and John McCain both tried to prevent the mortgage implosion in the early 2000’s (03 or 04, IIRC), but were prevented by the demagogueing Democrats. “I think we should roll the dice again” Barney Frank and all the rest. You idiots own that one.

      W also tried to reform SSI to make it sustainable at the beginning of his second term. Dems demagogued and Repubs cringed and caved. All you jerks own that one, too.

      May you be the first to reap the rewards of your policy demands.


    • J.J. Sefton says:

      Project much? The crash of 2008 is a direct result of the policies of Jimmy Carter that were enforced by the Clinton justice dept. They forced banks to lend money to those who could never repay, in the interest of “fairness” and “economic justice” since it wasn’t fair that poor people couldn’t own a home when others could. Banks merely created derivatives and other financial products to protect their depositors and investors, which is their fiduciary responsibility to do so.

      Name ONE Federal department or program that is ever run at or below its budget and does what it does with efficiency and without corruption. The one that comes closest is the DOD and that’s only because of our men and women in uniform; other aspects such as procurement and the VA are disasters, as with everything the government touches.

      Social Security is bankrupt. Medicare and Medicaid are close behind and are so fraught with abuse and mismanagement .$90 of every dollar is wasted. All three together will account for trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities if they even last another 20 years. The province of agencies such as EPA and FDA are supposed to be at the state level; not federal. And the EPA is attempting to destroy our economy with draconian regulations that have no bearing on actual environmental hazards (the AGW hoax) but rather to control every aspect of our lives. I can go on and on and on. Two thirds of the federal agencies didn’t even exist before 1972. How ever did we get along without them?

      The free market economy of the United States, when left alone, will always right itself and will always be the rising tide that lifts all boats. It is the greatest engine for opportunity, prosperity and freedom that the world has ever seen. It’s when elitists, Marxists and other crackpots who think they know better how to run our lives than we do as individuals that screw things up when try to pick winners and losers.

      If 2010 was an historic backlash to the overreach of the Social Dems, 2012 will make your head swim. Count on it. I am, and I will relish bathing in the river of tears the leftists will shed when the scales of “false consciousness” fall from their eyes.


      • fredsave1 says:

        J.J. – not attacking here just have a few comments/questions:
        “The free market economy of the United States, when left alone, will always right itself and will always be the rising tide that lifts all boats.” – my take here is that this is just impossible because the United States is not alone and neither is the economy. The economy is global and there are other factors that will never allow it to function as you see it.

        “And the EPA is attempting to destroy our economy with draconian regulations that have no bearing on actual environmental hazards (the AGW hoax) but rather to control every aspect of our lives.” – Clean Air and Clean Water Acts are “draconian”? Global Warming is a hoax? I have a hard time buying into these concepts, as I find them not only wrong but highly foolish.

        **Note the EPA was a Republican institution – put in place under Nixon.**


      • Fred, while Congress was busy shoving Obamacare down our throats in Fall, 2009, the entire “Global Warming” HOAX (and yes, it IS a hoax) was shown to be the work of a few “scientists” who manipulated data to the point that they should NEVER be allowed to show their faces in public again (it happened around Thanksgiving, if I recall correctly). This group of charlatans had never allowed their data to be shown to any but those who agreed with their basic premise, but an obscure Scottish scientific journal would not go to press without their corroborating data. And that’s when the jig was officially up.

        Irregardless of that, anyone who has a basic knowledge of Chemistry OR Math – and who had the DESIRE to know the truth – could disprove the “theory” in less than an hour; I did it on the back of an envelope, using information that is EASILY obtainable with today’s internet.

        Basically, we are being asked to believe that an additional 14,000 km^3 of carbon emissions each year is going to cause a temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius or more in an atmosphere of 4,500,000,000 km^3. It’s LAUGHABLE…..

        But people were willing to believe what they WANTED to believe, and the people who actually ran the numbers and figured out pretty early on that AGW was a crock of BS were villified. Al Gore took a grand total of 2 science classes in his collegiate career – he made a C and a D-, if I remember correctly – and we were being asked to believe that HE knew what he was talking about.

        The EPA of today is nothing more than a revenue-generating agency that places so many regulations upon businesses that it is virtually impossible for them to function. Their latest shenanigans with Texas are reprehensible (take the time to go find out what is going on – the EPA changed the rules AFTER an agreement had been reached; there is a reason that Texans are especially disdainful of this administration). Cap and Trade was never anything more than a wealth redistribution scheme, and the UN was rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of receiving EVEN MORE US taxpayer money.

        I’m serious about this – you NEED to educate yourself on this stuff; get away from the “feel-good” sites and go look at sites like “Watts up with that” and “Strata-sphere” and others that lay out the real science.


      • fredsave1 says:

        T – You’re right, the mass majority of the scientific community who hold literally no political or economic stake in the outcome in this argument (WORLD WIDE) which believe in climate change through the analysis of data should be easily disproven here at this blog or on the back of an envelope or even on a napkin. Also that conclusion/result could easily be bolstered through the use of agenda based websites such as “Watts up with that” and “Strata-sphere”

        What was I thinking?? (sarcasm definitely implied in the above)

        Also, Al Gore did NOT invent global warming nor is he the foremost expert on the subject.

        As for “healthcare/obamacare as a distraction” – http://www.startribune.com/opinion/98641499.html


      • Only the vast majority of scientists DID NOT EVER believe in global warming – a small handful of them made all of the noise, and only allowed those who agreed with them to publish articles in their journals. Anyone who disagreed with them wasn’t allowed to publish anything in them. It was a MASSIVE breach of the “scientific method”, and it has done a huge amount of damage to the scientific community at large.


      • fredsave1 says:

        this was in the news today dealing with climate change:

        Damn UC – Berkeley!!
        Wait…It’s a liberal school in California, they must be in on it as well, Quick bring the tin-foil hats!!


      • Fred, that UC-Berkeley study ONLY goes back as far as 1800 – it does not use data from the 1300s-1400s (and neither did the Michael Mann/hockey-stick graph reports), where ALL temperatures were HIGHER than they are now. As a matter of fact, the East Anglia University studies ALL made sure that this data was never included in their reporting, precisely because it negated every single one of their theories.

        And from the article itself:

        The findings have neither been peer-reviewed nor published, so some skeptics and deniers are as yet unsatisfied, but Muller says the group has submitted the papers for publication.

        A very inconvenient truth, indeed……


      • fredsave1 says:

        T – the earth’s surface temperature is warming – that is NOT in doubt. So why is it increasing? What is the other explanation? Orbital change? Sun spots? Shifts in weather patterns? etc.

        Ice core temperatures / data (typically used as evidence by AGW therorists) simply are not accurate enough to use, nor do they provide reasoning as to cause.
        (It does help to provide a look at temperature ranges from 400k years ago…but wait the earth is only 5k years old? but thats another story…)

        This has nothing to do with Al Gore and everything to do with science, again where else do you see 90% of scientists agree on anything and people believe they are not only stupid but part of a massive (almost beyond comprehension size) conspiracy?


      • And when I was in grade school, we were being warned about the next big ice age – it was going to happen in our lifetime.

        Twenty years later, it was “acid rain”.

        Now, it’s global warming. Except the earth has been getting colder the past 10 years.

        I’d like to continue this discussion with you, but I got a phone call from one of my daughters earlier this morning, and she’s got some pressing issues that are going to take a while for she, my husband, and I to iron out; sorry to have to cut the discussion short….


      • fredsave1 says:

        no worries, I hope everything is ok.


      • Thanks – everything will work out; it’s just a matter of figuring out HOW to work it all out. She’s having problems at college that are going to require our immediate attention, but it’s academic stuff; nothing that can’t be handled one way or another…..

        Appreciate your concern!


    • Scott says:

      Yawn…Keep sneering at the life you have been offered but know that the vast majority of world citizens can only dream of the benefits and privelages that you have as an American. How would you like to compete with 1.3 billion chinese in an economy less than half the size of the US Economy? How about a billion Indians with a per capita income of $3500/year? Why do you think ten to fifteen million illegal immigrants have come to America in search of a better life??? The fact is that you live in the most advanced society on earth. You have comforts, freedoms and opportunities that don’t exist in most of the world. These are things gifted to you by generations of Americans who paid the price in blood, sweat and tears for you…But alas, you and your movement know better. You are this generation’s bolsheviks. You want a new order. Yet, the ideals that you aspire to are not new, they are yester-year’s leftovers. You want socialism but you are too young to understand that without dreaded “corporations”, you merely subsitute government lackeys for wallstreet bankers. Government lackeys, however, are appointed for their loyalty to the party and not for their ability. You don’t understand that without a profit motive for an organization that there can be no performance motive. And so, you get the Soviet Union which crumbled under its own weight. Or, you get Mao’s China which introduced market principles lest they all starve to death. The fact is that free markets and free people thrive while government controlled, totalitarian societies die. As Churchill said, “socialism is a religion of envy, whose chief attribute appears to be the equal distribution of misery.” But, I’m sure your generation intends to get it right…Right? Where the Soviets, Mao, Castro, Kim jung il, and others failed while destroying the lives of hundreds of millions, you will get it right this time?


    • Doggyodog says:

      This post is a classic: it’s got all the left wing talking points, the proper “narrative,” the angry, sneering tone. Too bad it doesn’t have the truth. The Dems took over Congress in 2007 and started the recession that carried Mr. Hopey Changy into office, who turned it into a depression.


  3. AmishDude says:

    “He should be arrested”
    Scratch a liberal, find a fascist.
    By the way, the Community Reinvestment Act is “regulation” not “deregulation”.


  4. Truman North says:

    Thanks Theresa!

    Left Nut (apt name!), the banking crisis was precipitated from the Community Reinvestment Act. All further banking (de) regulation was a direct result of this assinine law; written, passed, signed and expanded by Democrats.


  5. You’ve attracted your own damn-fool Troll- so you’re doing good.


  6. The Political Hat says:

    The last time the Communists and NAZIs agreed on anything, we got #OccupyPoland…


  7. wws says:

    Nice post, Teresa! I hadn’t been to your blog before, but I’m going to bookmark it!

    – wws (from over in east texas, btw)


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  9. fredsave1 says:

    Seriously People?? This is why I am an independent…
    T – “You do realize that the legislation put into place that enabled the Crash of 2008 was ALL passed under Democratically-controlled Congresses…” & “In other words, you guys OWN every filthy, stinking piece of this movement.”

    Truman North – “…the banking crisis was precipitated from the Community Reinvestment Act. All further banking (de) regulation was a direct result of this assinine law; written, passed, signed and expanded by Democrats.

    Troll Feeder – “George Bush and John McCain both tried to prevent the mortgage implosion in the early 2000′s (03 or 04, IIRC), but were prevented by the demagogueing Democrats.”

    Guys – seriously it takes two to tango and even if democrats were primarily responsible for all of the problems that exist within our country today (which I may be open to and definitely seems to be the case here) that at best makes the Rebuplicans ignorant by-standers? or do nothings? (This reminds me of fights I see between teenagers – automatic first response almost always is: “well he did it first”…and then let the games begin).

    Governement (which consists of BOTH parties) needs to “own” these problems…throwing stones in glass houses never equals positive or effective results, but it does make for good conversation/arguments. Problems are NEVER black & white but are rather an extensive series of gray – trying to project your polarized concrete solutions onto complex multi-demensional problems is never going to render the results you hope to find.


    • “What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” – Lord Melbourne

      What IS frustrating is that when those of us on the “R” side of the aisle attempt to explain what WILL happen – based on previous experience and a knowledge of math, science, and human nature – we are told that we are “wrong, wrong, wrong”.

      Then, when what we predicted would happen actually happens, and we point it out, we are told that we are either being petty or childish, and “how could we (those who pushed it through) have known that this was going to happen?”, and then we are taken to task for not being willing to accept the blame.

      I’m sorry, but the blame lies SOLIDLY in the hands of those who pushed the legislation through without listening to the objections of those who knew what they were talking about. When I heard Barney Frank tell me “I’m not good with numbers” AFTER Fannie Mae crashed, I almost jumped through the TV screen. When Nancy Pelosi said, “We’re going to have to pass this legislation (Obamacare) to find out what’s in it”, I saw red.

      I, for one, am not willing to make peace with people in positions of power whose idea of compromise is “we agree to do what I want, the facts be damned”.

      That’s the whole reason that the Tea Party took hold – people are TIRED of politicians rolling over and allowing disastrous legislation to take effect. They are tired of being told that politicians – many of whom are idiots to begin with – know more than they do.

      I mean, for Heaven’s sake – you’ve got people like Rep. Hank Johnson worried about Guam “tipping over” if there are too many people on one side of the island and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee insisting that astronauts planted the American flag on Mars MAKING DECISIONS FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY and then having the GALL to tell us that WE are stupid, and to shut up and listen to our betters!



      • fredsave1 says:

        T – let me start by saying you are great but my point was realize BOTH sides have similar idiots, both have had representation in government with the ability to change problem, therefore, both need to accept blame…it’s not one government vs another…it’s all the same oat bag.


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  11. wws says:

    Fred – what you don’t get is that if *everyone* accepts blame, then NO ONE DOES. “hey man, we’re all guilty, so let’s just let eveyone off the hook.” That’s what everyone who was responsible for this mess WANTS!!

    No, we HAVE to fix blame on those who supported these things and passed these things – if they are republican, then fine, but if they are democrats they need to be hounded out of office and ALL of their misdeeds exposed.


    • fredsave1 says:

      True but BOTH should share blame because all have a part in the guilt. That was my point otherwise it just sounds, and looks like politics as usual. Involuntary neglegence is still wrong.

      To me there is more of a self gratifying approach to politics which then leads to a “I am right and you are wrong” type of discussion rather than “what is best for the people” which should be the goal.

      I am NOT saying: “hey man, we’re all guilty, so let’s just let eveyone off the hook.” I am saying we are all accountable so we all need to be balmmed as a consequence.


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  13. GuyS says:

    Fred, you are right in the sense you have a kernel of an idea which is absolutely correct. Both parties, or rather, the acknowledged members of said parties, are to some degree or another, to blame for where we are now. But it might be better to look at it this way.

    1. All the points listed above, which do indeed belong to the progressive side of the house, are theirs and theirs alone. That being said, leads us to…

    2. Those who (allegedly) are on the conservative side of the house, need to acknowledge a few things as well.

    A. If you are “doing battle” with an opponent who does not fight fair, at some point you have to accept the fact they are not going to change just because you want them to, and start fighting “fair:. This single item is perhaps the biggest reason (though not the only one) which lead to the GOP being called “teh stupid party”. You need to put your big boy pants on and stick to your beliefs. You need to use, when the time is right, and all other options have been tired, all the “weapons” at your disposal. You were ostensively elected to office based on your party’s platform, and or being the best individual available to meet the needs and wants of your constituents.

    B. The GOP needs to get its act together. Either we are a party based on legitimate conservative principles or we are not. (Yes RINO’s I am looking at you!)

    C. By trying to be “nice”, trying to be a “compassionate conservative”. by “seeking common ground” when none was legitimately being offered, in seeking to appear to be a friend to all … and in so doing, failing to honor your duties toward those who elected you, and failing to honor your sworn oath (something about that pesky Constitution, and protecting and defending same), you have allowed (or been in league with) those who laid the ground work for where we are now, to assume power.

    3. Finally, to all members of the House, Senate, and Administrations past and present. You are all at fault for allowing the climate of corruption which exists in DC (and at the state level) to continue to grow and prosper. THIS is one item which can be placed at the feet of both parties. Talk is cheap, and it is little wonder the approval rating of both the House and Senate are at the historically low levels they are currently at. Fred, this is one of the reasons the Tea Party has resonated across the country, and political party lines, as it has. And that the OWS crowd is seen as little more than a bunch of spoiled brats (of all ages), delusional fellow travelers, and various fringe groups attempting to get their 15 minute of fame fix.

    The problems and concerns Teresa, and others have mentioned here, have their roots going back decades, if not in some cases close to a century, of government maneuvers and ministrations. That the latest pasteboards placed atop the very shaky house of cards, belongs to those in the progressive side of the aisle, is true, regardless of whom laid the groundwork. And these are the issues demanding immediate attention, before turning toward past transgressions (by either party).

    *As long as this is, you may edit at will, Teresa!*


  14. fredsave1 says:

    GuyS – thanks for the kernal.

    Here is the distinctive difference in our views. Where Senators and Members of the House see themselves as serving their constituents, I see them representing their COUNTRY FIRST and are sent by their constituents to do so. They are NOT the servants of a small collection of people but rather a representative selected to uphold national responsibilities where people need to work together in order to move our country forward. These sub-loyalties are a distraction and a means of self preservation and it is nonsense.

    In previous posts I talked about why the Tea Party came about and I can understand their frustration and I see it as legitimate but I can also understand the main issues behind OWS and being as geographically close to it as I am; I see these groups as having a number of similarities that neither side wants to own up to.


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