Why I Haven’t Called My Mother in Three Weeks….

My dear sweet mother sent me a check for my birthday this year.

After thinking about what I really wanted, I decided that now that we have a proper fireplace with a mantle, it was time to have a few Christmas stockings that I had cross-stitched years ago “finished”.  After my Myasthenia diagnosis, I knew that I would probably never be able to sit at a sewing machine again, so finishing these myself wasn’t going to happen.

Pulling out these stockings reminded me of how much I used to love working on those projects, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to do any needlework again. I was delighted to discover that cross stitching is one thing that I can still do, provided that I have enough head and shoulder support to keep my muscles from becoming too tired.

So my New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to finish what I started all those years ago – making Christmas stockings for each of the girls.  I had already made one for Rachel, Paul, and me, but had never been able to find the time to devote to making one for each of the other girls.

I had started a stocking for Rebecca about 10 years ago, but life got hectic around that time, so I put it away.  I finally picked up needle and thread again, and I was able to complete it this week:

Stockings - Rebecca - Blocking 3 - Finished 01.15.2015

Stockings - Rebecca - Blocking 2 - Finished 01.15.2015

I have ordered more fabric to make stockings for Michelle and Sarah, and now I have a future son-in-law to make a stocking for as well.

I guess Mom won’t be hearing from me for quite a while.

It’s her own fault, really….

Stockings - Nativity - Finished 06.23.2005

Stockings - Paul - Finished 10.11.2005 Stockings - Teresa - Finished 08.25.2004 - From Sarah's Camera Stockings - Rachel - Finished 08.02.1992 - From Sarah's Camera

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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1 Response to Why I Haven’t Called My Mother in Three Weeks….

  1. Mom says:

    A phone call once in a while might be nice. At least to let me know that all of you are okay.
    The stockings are beautiful – you are so talented in art work such as sewing and cross stitching (got it from your Dad’s side of the family-definitely not from me).
    Love you,

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