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Home Stretch

“..and sometimes you account for your money and talent so skillfully, you end up with a ton of it at the end and can bomb Dresden to a smoking pile of cinders: There are only days left to campaign and … Continue reading

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Closing The Deal

. Ladies and gentlemen, the choice is clear: . It is my hope that come Tuesday evening, Mitt Romney will be the next President-elect of the United States. Please be sure and vote on Tuesday! .

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Weekend at Teresa’s – Bill Whittle, My Friend Annabelle, and the Go-Go’s

. Most of the time, Bill Whittle says it much better than I ever could – this is no exception: .

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Mitt Romney Comes to Fort Worth

. . It started out innocently enough – we received a phone call on Sunday afternoon, inviting us to “Come out and see Mitt Romney when he visits Fort Worth this Tuesday!”, followed by information about where and when, as … Continue reading

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On Casting Stones: How the “War on Women” convinced me to vote for Mitt Romney

. . A Twitter war blew up the other night – lazy Capitalist that I am, I was laying on the couch, watching a TV show with my husband, so I missed all of the fun and excitement when Hilary … Continue reading

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