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  1. Flagstaff says:

    I’m a fan. Keep it up. What are you really about? You’re too good to be just an occasional blogger.


    • I really am just a stay-at-home mom who blogs occasionally whenever a subject strikes my fancy – nobody special (I’d do this in my pajamas if I didn’t think that my family would decide it was time to send “Mom” to a home for middle-aged slackers…..)

      Thanks for the kind words – they mean a lot!


  2. Uncle Kevvie,looking for one fine day.... says:

    Teresa; …So here I am just trolling around Ace of Spades and who do I find but my ab-so-lute-ly favorite ‘amateur author’. You know me in another life and a recently deceased time as “fun with knives” at RS [wordpress] R I P.
    Why in the name in all that is holy did you not advert. this site to me/us? You’re good at noodgeing and I missed your diaries . I noted you posted at the ‘new improved R S’, but just as quick you went “Poof “.
    I do not Twit nor F B but I like it that way as I have enough trouble with Digital Fixation and need no further help.
    Am signing up for your blasts and look forward to them.
    Groucho used to say: “Why would I want to join a club that would have a guy ‘ like me’ as a member?”
    “Why Indeed”, says I……..I am kinda’ still waiting for your “Novel Announcement”.
    You’re in a heap-o-trouble now……..


    • Well, howdy, pardner!

      RedState and my Disqus account don’t like each other (I think the fault lies with Disqus, not RS, but RS won’t return my e-mails).

      You may find yourself quite disappointed with my posts here – most of them aren’t political. And I DID “advertise” this site in my RS posts – this was the “Cross-posted” link for all of my writing.

      Don’t know if I’ll ever get around to a novel or not – I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis 2 years ago, and it’s really starting to sap my energy these days. Fortunately, it’s not painful or fatal, but it takes its toll on a person’s time and energy.

      It’s a little too soon after the election for me to get my ornery on – I’m still licking my wounds and hiding under my rock….

      Glad to have you here – I’ve been missing you!
      Come December, I’ll be reprising my “25 Days of Christmas” posts – all of my favorite Christmas tunes in 25 daily packages.
      Not much in the way of thoughtful commentary, but I had a lot of fun putting them together last year.

      Look forward to hearing from you!


      • Uncle Kevvie,found a friend at last... says:

        Replying, in order:
        1) R S has gotten too sterile/removed? for my taste, but the links they now provide are just too handy to ignore. A Of S was linked through them, so Door closing /Window opening has got to be in there somewhere.

        2) Teresa, you could never in a Google-Plex Years Disappoint me. When I need a smile, I think back to your diary about going to the movies {Brave ?} with your daughters and hubby and it does ‘get a bit brighter’. It is ‘what’ you do and your style that makes it/you a hoot and have no doubts you are surely that. {As for any other positives, you’ll just have to wait. This is Me, being a trifle mysterious}

        3) Hits me with a club on your M G condition. Lost my Mom on 9/12/2012 and I am still ‘wobbly’ over it. Descending dementia and complications ,with a side of hospice really sucked, iffin’ I can be so bold. Cures for M G ? Therapies?
        Suggestion: How about a series of posts and edited as a collection?
        ** “Reflections from TIFWT ** “, or some such…? The book would then, write itself.

        4) Re: Elections. Turning to/advocating Galting/Shrugging to any and all that will listen. Starting with churches as my Sis-in-law’s pastor has a network of Same and will at least hear me out.
        To wit: Galting/Shrugging is non-participation in any Corp. or Org. that leans left. It probably means me setting up a site and it is making my wife really anxious as she sees this as job-threatening to her. Appealing to various news sites to start something up.
        See:PJM and
        As far as Barry, I sometimes think group madness is taking over. the past two weeks do nothing to stop this personal feeling of foreboding

        5) I’ll consider it ‘a present’, of sorts, if you do that 25 songs deal. Taking suggestions or is it set in stone?

        6) Here’s to you, Teresa. You might be one of many, but you’re one in a million to your’s truly. HOOO-RAAHHH!!!!


      • Oh, golly-gee-willikers – you’re making me blush! I appreciate your kind words. (Mysterious, huh? Hmmm…..)

        So sorry to hear about the loss of your mom – “wobbly” is a normal state right now. You and your family will be in my prayers.
        As far as “cures” for MG, it’s more a matter of managing the “decline” – as I said, it’s not painful or fatal; I “get” to be lazy now. (Which isn’t as much fun as one might think…. ๐Ÿ˜› )

        I may have some posts here and there about the MG – I can’t remember if I tagged them or not; I’m still fairly new to this blogging stuff.

        As far as “going Galt” – just finished re-reading “Atlas Shrugged” last week (I first read her stuff 35 years ago; actually did my HS Senior research paper on the works of Ayn Rand – yeah, I was a weird kid…..). Right now, I’m at the point that my “give-a-damn” is busted. All those people in NY/NJ who got hit with Hurricane Sandy? The way I see it, they voted for 4 more years of this administration, they can damn well wait for FEMA to “fix it” for them – I already “contributed” my “fair share” in taxes to pay for FEMA’s salary/budget.

        I used to be a very charitable person, and I still will be – to the organizations that I choose. I can’t do anything to keep the government from forcibly extracting taxes from us, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to lift a finger to help anyone who – by their tacit approval of soft socialism – thinks that I “owe” them more of my time/money. And my husband is done with working overtime – the government already gets over 33% of every OT dollar that he makes. We’ll just get by with less. Gonna be kinda hard for the takers to get more money if there isn’t any being made…..

        As for the Christmas songs, I think I managed to pull together more than 100 songs/clips last year – each day had a “theme”, which made it easier for me to narrow down my list. If you think of any that I haven’t covered, just drop me a line in the comments section of that day’s post!

        Here’s to YOU, “Uncle Kevvie” – you make me smile! ๐Ÿ˜›


      • Here’s a couple of posts I did that deal with life with MG:

        This is from 18 months ago – I was having a really bad day:

        This was a year ago – I was finally starting to make peace with my new “reality”:

        Some days, you just have to find humor in it all:

        And this was back in July of this year – I’m a “seasoned pro” now:

        Actually, that may be all of the posts that I’ve done that deal with MG….. ๐Ÿ˜›


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