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Play Ball! (Opening Day, 2020)

I don’t follow baseball all that closely (I’m a football kind of a gal), but I’ve always wanted to see a YouTube video with one of my favorite “baseball” songs – “What A Game!” from the musical Ragtime, mixed with pictures from … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day (03/14) [w/Buttermilk Pie recipe included!]

Yes, I’m a geek – I bought this for Rachel several years ago. She’s a geek, too – she loved it…. (Okay, I bought myself one as well – couldn’t be letting her have all the fun!) . It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Spring Break Adventures at the Koch House

Rebecca is home for Spring Break.  I am not there, because I am in North Carolina with my mom, who is in hospice.  Rebecca and Paul were supposed to come up here this weekend, but Dad requested that they not … Continue reading

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Happy Texas Independence Day! (2020)

. My dad sent me this a while back; since today is Texas Independence Day, I wanted to share them with you: Due to the popularity of the “Survivor” TV show, Texas is planning to do one entitled: “Survivor – … Continue reading

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The Angel Tree (a heartwarming Koch family Christmas tale)

. . Every family has their own “family lore” – stories handed down from generation to generation.  These are generally told around the campfire, on the front porch, or around the dining room table.  The good ones are side-splittingly funny; the really … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Classic

. . From 1978, these classic clips from the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” never fail to leave me in stitches: . . Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! .

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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween – it’s the only night of the year when you are allowed to wear a costume without being in a play:

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