Your Guide


It’s Over.

I am a short, fat, conservative, middle-aged, happily-married, mother of 4 daughters.

I’m “trouble” with a capital “T” (just ask my kids).

My blog’s name is a play on the pronunciation of my last name – “Koch” is the German word for “cook” (which also happens to be how my husband’s family pronounces it). The inspiration for the title of the blog was the old “Cook’s Tour” from back in the day:

Cook’s tour  (Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary)

English; Noun

  • From Thomas Cook, considered to be the world’s first travel agent, running guided tours of Europe and the Middle East in the mid-1800s.

Cook’s tour (plural Cook’s tours)

    1. (informal) A long or complicated journey, an indirect route.
The detour meant that we had to go on a twenty mile Cook’s tour to get home. 
Lucky you – you get to “take the long road” through my world!  I hope you enjoy the journey – I don’t issue refunds…..

4 Responses to Your Guide

  1. Sharkman says:

    Teresa: I was following your discussion with Random about suicide today on Ace o’ Spades HQ (where I comment fairly infrequently as “Sharkman”), and I thought you might be interested in an post that The Anchoress wrote just before Pope JP II passed away in 2005. She wrote the post after I emailed her an article I saw in Newsweek. I think it is relevant to your discussion with Random. Please click my website link, and you’ll find the post. Sorry to do it this way, but for the life of me, I can’t find your e-mail contact info on this site. Cheers!


  2. Teresa, loved the comment you left at PJ Media about your ten year old daughter with Down syndrome. May I be so bold as to recommend my book “A Special Mother is Born” to you?
    I describe it here;


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