Sunday Funnies – It’s a good thing he’s so cute…..

A couple of years ago, Paul and I went to see the movie “Act of Valor” – the one that stars real-life Navy SEALs.  We both really enjoyed it, and it was neat to see “the real deal” in action.

At the time that the movie came out, there was a hilarious comment at one of the blogs that I followed.  One of the guys was relating the story about how his wife had taken their young son to the museum that day, and some guy had come over and struck up a conversation with her.  In the course of the conversation, he mentioned that not only was he a Navy SEAL, but he was actually IN the movie.

This guy’s wife came home all excited, and couldn’t wait to tell her husband the story; she said that she would point this guy out when they went to see the movie.

Well, the husband just busted out laughing when his wife told him what had happened, then he had to gently explain to her that the dude was using one of the oldest pick-up methods in the world – he said that a LOT of guys use that Navy SEAL (or some other macho group) schtick to try and impress the ladies.

The guy’s wife was all upset, and still insisting that no, this guy was the real deal, but after a while, she started to concede that maybe he wasn’t on the up-and-up.  She was really disappointed.

I told Paul that to my way of thinking, the guy should be flattered that his wife is attractive enough that some stranger wants to impress her by pretending to be a Navy SEAL.

To which Paul replied, “Tell me about it – my wife couldn’t get hit on by a harbor seal.”


Yeah, I laughed….. 😛

[UPDATE]: Paul e-mailed me later that day to remind me that he DID add the qualifier “With all due respect” – which is kind of an inside joke with us (it refers to a Dom Irrera comedy routine). And that made it even funnier….

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