The REAL 12th Man

There’s a little football game going on tomorrow, and the fans of one team have taken to calling themselves “The 12th Man”.


They can call themselves that all that they want, but they will never be THE 12th Man – that tradition was started long ago at a little cow college in Texas.

That “little” college has grown over the years to become one of the largest universities in the country, but the spirit of her fans has never quit.  And to signify their willingness to be there for their football team, the students stand at all times – and in all kinds of weather – during home games, to embody the spirit of what E. King Gill did back in 1922.

E King Gill 2.
That tradition MEANS something to the students, alumni, faculty, and family members of Texas A&M University – it’s a “Spirit can ne’er be told“; unless you’ve experienced it, you can’t fully understand what it means.

No out-of-court settlement will ever change the fact that there is STILL only one “12th Man”.

And they sure as heck ain’t in Washington State….

For those who may be interested, here’s some more background on E. King Gill and the “12th Man” tradition through the years (h/t to my friend and fellow Aggie Jack Capito, who found it at

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