Mr. Obama Supports Gay Marriage. Big Whoop.

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting.
It is not logical, but it is often true

Bonus geek points if you recognize the obscure reference….

The current President of the United States came out in favor of gay marriage yesterday.

In the immortal words of the late Andrew Breitbart, “So?”

Seriously, Mr. Obama – so?

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in January, 2009 was $1.79…

Our country is mired in debt – which you have been more than happy to rack up – and your Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

Gasoline prices have more than doubled on your watch – and you have done everything in your power to ensure that American companies are stymied in their attempts to ease the American consumer’s pain at the pump (foreign companies, on the other hand…..).

Not only that, but you threw billions of American taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars at industries that had a proven track record of failure – some of which, literally, have gone up in flames – all in your pursuit of feel-good “science”.

Those external combustion engines are a real bitch….

We have people pouring over our southern borders, entering this country illegally, and you have directed your Department of Justice to prosecute the people who are trying to follow existing law and stem that flow.

We have an electorate concerned about voter fraud, and you have directed that same Department of Justice to go after the people who are trying to ensure that the system is working properly.

Your administration cooked up a crisis where there was none, aided and abetted the illegal flow of weapons into a foreign country, got American AND Mexican citizens killed, and are now stonewalling the people who are trying to get to the bottom of a quagmire of your own making.

You can run, but you cannot hide – the numbers don’t lie….

Unemployment has more than doubled over the past 3 years (long-term unemployment has TRIPLED), despite your administration’s attempts to fudge the numbers using sleight of hand and accounting tricks to “hide the decline”.

You directed Congress to spend over a year on a single piece of legislation – which, incidentally, was only able to pass by the slimmest of margins using legal chicanery over the objections of millions of American citizens – and it now looks as if all of that “work” may have been for naught, as Obamacare will probably be overturned by the Supreme Court.

In the process, you single-handedly managed to wipe out the entire bench AND farm team of the Democrat Party for decades to come (thanks for that, by the way).

Iran is on the cusp of getting a nuclear weapon, and you just signed an agreement with the very entity that was responsible for carrying out the 9-11 attacks, saying that you won’t fire on them anymore.

Perhaps you have forgotten WHO did this?

And the most pressing issue on your agenda is pandering on one very specific “selling” point to a group of people who – at most – comprise 3.8% of the population.

Critical Thinking really isn’t one of your strong points, is it?

Here’s a thought, Sparky – try subtracting 3.8 from 100; I’ll even let you use a calculator, so you don’t have to strain any brain cells.

You see that big number?

Let’s see – 96.2% of 330 million equals….What’s that? You were promised there would be no math on this blog?

That is the percentage of people in this country who really and truly could care less about gay marriage – especially when juxtaposed against all of the things that they DO care about.

‘Cuz guess what? The price of a gallon of gasoline doesn’t depend on whether Larry and Steve get to live happily ever after.

The price of a gallon of gasoline does, however, have a ripple effect on every American family’s pocketbook. Because when gas prices go up, the price of every other commodity that a family uses ALSO goes up (unfortunately, you have surrounded yourself with “experts” who have only ever dealt with the theory of economics, so they can’t understand this Inconvenient Truth, either).

And now – after years of waffling on your position – you have finally come out of the Prevaricating Closet.


Funny how “Majority Rules” only applies when a group is in the “majority”….

Let’s ignore the fact that in all 31 states where gay marriage has been put on the ballot (32 now that North Carolina just went to the polls), a resounding majority of voters have overwhelmingly indicated that they DO NOT WANT “marriage” to be defined as anything other than a union between a man and a woman. ***

Let’s also ignore the fact that the European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that gay marriage is not a “human right”, while also pointing out that if same-sex unions were to become lawful, any church that refuses to marry gay couples could be charged with discrimination.

Gay marriage is the last arrow in the quiver – it is the Crown Jewel of the Gay Movement.

Have you – or any of the gay activists who are lobbying so hard for this one last thing – thought this through any further? If they get this, will it be “enough”? Or will they, too, find that “having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting“?

So, you’ve checked off the “gay marriage” box.

Now what?

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[Update 05/11/12]: Thanks to Doug Ross over at Larwyn’s Linx for linking this post – I’m honored that it was chosen to “lead” today’s links! Wow –
Thanks as well, to Naomi over at Polliwog’s poliblog for including me on the sidebar today!

[Update 05/12/12]: ***It has been brought to my attention that the map in question was updated the same day that this post was published – here is a link to the updated map, along with information on the states which have Constitutional amendments defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman (there are now 30, rather than the 32 that were originally cited in the linked source article), as well as the 11 states which have State laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, for a grand total of 41 states which do not recognize gay marriage.

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25 Responses to Mr. Obama Supports Gay Marriage. Big Whoop.

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  2. Sarah says:

    BINGO! Very well said–every day that 0bama is able to DISTRACT the Sheeple & keep 0’s destructive ECONOMY off the front pages is a “good” day for 0bama. Distractions are what he wants! All part of the plan, as you so well documented! Anything so the majority of people won’t notice the Destruction that is 0bama…, over here, is this “new shiny thing” to look at!


  3. The geek quote is what Spock tells Stonn after he fights Kirk, who was T’Pring’s (Spock’s betrothed) champion in the episode Amok Time, which was AWESOME!!!!

    Also, great post 😉


  4. Dawn says:

    You mom must be very proud to have raised such a twit.


  5. Shayne says:

    Just came across your post (thanks to Larwin!). What an outstanding, clear and rational rant. I am very impressed and a bit jealous (I wish I had written that!).


  6. creeper00 says:

    Your map is inaccurate. Gay marriage is legal here in Iowa, courtesy of a Supreme Court ruling. You weaken your argument when your supporting documentation is false.

    (apologies in advance if this double posts)


    • I got that map from a gay rights site – take it up with them….


    • And just what, exactly, do you surmise my “argument” to be in the first place?

      You honestly mean to tell me that you are going to dismiss the premise of this post because one picture is “inaccurate”?

      Please enlighten me – were any of the facts that I stated (with supporting links, I might add) inaccurate? If not, then I would submit to you that you are nit-picking so that you don’t have to accept the body of what this post is about; namely, that Mr. Obama is pandering to a “pet project” that affects – at most – 3.8% of the US population while blithely ignoring the elephant in the room that is his disastrous policy on every other issue, each of which affects 100% of Americans.

      It’s a free country – you don’t have to accept my argument at all.

      But don’t be petty about a map that was clearly put out by – and attributed to – the Human Rights Campaign (the very people who are monitoring this issue very closely). That was the best – and most informative – picture that I found.

      I have added a starred directive to an update at the bottom of the post which includes a link that will take readers to the latest map posted on the HRC website – the one at their website (which was updated after this post was published) is not copyable to a WordPress document in its original form.


  7. Sorry that you can’t share in the happiness of us little people who aren’t important – but then u probably aren’t the kind of person to vote for Mr. Obama in the first place.

    We second class citizens think Mr Obama has done a much better job for us than Mr. Bush did – although I guess he hasn’t advanced the white christian nation agenda to your satisfaction.


    • That wasn’t really the point of the post, y’know.

      He can’t be bothered to do the job that he was hired to do, but he can toss out a bone (that isn’t going to do ANYTHING to advance the cause of gay rights, since he said that it needs to be left up to each individual state) to the folks who bundle money for him (1-in-6 of his BIG bundlers is gay, and he is strapped for cash right now).

      If you vote for him this time and he gets re-elected, how long do you think it will be before gays get thrown under the bus? After all, he won’t need those donors any more – and there are 3 times as many blacks in this country as there are gays…..

      BTW, I don’t aspire to be a “white Christian nation”, just a CONSTITUTIONAL nation. If the militant gay activists would get out of the way and let the moderates work things out, you might be amazed at how accommodating the rest of the country can be. But the extremists are after forcing churches to perform marriages, and that isn’t going to happen.


      • Oh I know what the point was – right wing talking points from people who don’t like Obama. And it is all wrong, you just pile on one hundred false accusations so you don’t have to defend a single one.

        FWIW he has already done a lot for gay rights – more than anyone else and much more than a Repub would have done – they are all on record wanting to put DADT back, and a personally defending DOMA because Obama doesn’t.

        > If the militant gay activists would get out of the way and let the moderates work things out, you might be amazed at how accommodating the rest of the country can be.

        That is total BS – “moderates” have never been “accommodating” and if it weren’t for a couple generations of militants I would be dead or in jail.
        I know it offends right wing christians for me to think that I am just as good as they are, but they are just going to have to get used to being offended, because I do.

        As far as the rest – President Obama has run the best foreign policy in my lifetime (coming after shrub that isn’t a high bar), he has done a pretty good job with the economy while fighting Repubs tooth and nail that want to destroy Social Security and the New Deal, and he has made a good start to getting universal medical coverage.

        That’s a lot better than any Repub has done since Eisenhower.


      • Y’know what? We’re just going to have to agree to disagree, OK?

        It’s Mother’s Day and my daughter (the gay one) surprised me by coming up for a visit. So I’m going to spend time with her, her partner, and the other 2 daughters who are here today (oldest daughter is out of the country right now)….


      • OH there is no doubt we will continue to disagree – I just wanted to remember you on this mothers day and remind u that there are some little insignificant people that are going to be voting November too 😉


      • Darling, I don’t think of you as insignificant – in fact, I consider you a friend. You don’t have to tell anyone that a white Christian likes you, though – I wouldn’t want you to become a social pariah 😛


      • OMG – If anyone finds out I know someone that links to Conservapedia my sex life is over 😦
        Refuting evolutions ? Rainbows and the Bible ? LOL


      • You naughty thing – you’re not supposed to have sex until you are married –
        (Sorry – I couldn’t resist that one….. 😛 )


  8. fredsave1 says:

    she grows on you…it’s true


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