Throwing Granny Off the Cliff (Again)

Ah, yes – this old chestnut is being dredged up again as the Democrats go into full-blown panic mode at the thought of the formidability of the Romney/Ryan ticket. Too bad for them that Conservatives have learned to use the social media to their advantage over the past 4 years, and we’ve pretty much taken over all of the outlets that the Democrats used to dominate.

Not bad for a bunch of uneducated rubes, huh?

Anyway, this is the commercial that The Agenda Project originally aired back in May, 2011 to try and scare all of the little old grey-haired ladies into thinking that the EVIL PAUL RYAN had it in for them and Medicare (too bad that the majority of senior voters think so highly of him, isn’t it?):

The Democrats might not want to run that ad too many times – you see, those of us who have been following their pet “team” (aka “Occupy Wall Street”) have at least one video of those sweet, innocent kids doing some harm to a senior citizen. There are also reports of these wholesome individuals blocking a woman in a wheelchair from leaving that same event, as well as using children as human shields.  Remember that Nancy and Barry both think that these kids are just swell:

Now, some folks may not remember a little show that was on TV many years ago called “Dinosaurs“, but one of my favorite episodes was called “Hurling Day“. Instead of lamenting the grannies being tossed over the side of a cliff, in the “Dinosaur” world, it was a cause for celebration – in order to make getting rid of the old folks a “happier” occasion, whenever a male dinosaur’s mother-in-law turned 72, the family observed “Hurling Day”.

It was a most joyous time for the guys – a fella was willing to put up with years of abuse from his mother-in-law because he knew that one day he would be allowed to hurl her ungrateful ass over the cliff into a great big tar pit:

Perhaps the Democrats should think about instituting “Hurling Day” as a part of Obamacare – it might make those “Death Panels” more enjoyable….
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