Tuesday Tunes – “Your Feet’s Too Big”


This cute song is from a live stage performance I saw on TV many, many years ago; it’s called “Your Feet’s Too Big“. I was wracking my brain trying to remember where I had seen this song.

As it turns out, that song – and the performance that I saw all those years ago – was from the Tony-award-winning Broadway show “Ain’t Misbehavin‘”, which aired on NBC in 1982 (and re-aired on Bravo in 1999).

“You know, your pedal extremities are obnoxious….”

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find that performance; unfortunately, there are no good copies of it available for purchase; YouTube is the ONLY place that I was able to find it.  It’s a real shame, too, because it is a wonderful show with lots and lots of great music, done by the original cast (Nell Carter, Andre Deshields, Armelia MacQueen, Ken PageCharlayne Woodard, and arranger/pianist Luther Henderson).

Here is the delightful Ken Page performing Fats Waller’s immortal “Your Feet’s Too Big”:

Wasn’t that fun?

If you have the time to invest, I highly recommend watching the YouTube videos that are available from this show – the music is fantastic, even if the video quality isn’t the best.  I’ve compiled all of the clips from AintMisbehavinFan in chronological order for you here:

Part 1 of 12 – “Ain’t Misbehavin”, “Lookin Good but Feelin Bad”, “‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business”
Part 2 of 12 – “Honeysuckle Rose”, “Squeeze Me”
Part 3 of 12 – “Handful of Keys”, “I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Fallin'”
Part 4 of 12 – “How Ya, Baby”, “Ladies Who Sing With The Band”, “Yacht Club Swing”
Part 5 of 12 – “When The Nylons Bloom Again”, “Cash for Your Trash”, “Off-Time”
Part 6 of 12 – “The Joint Is Jumpin”,”Spreadin’ Rhythm Around”,”Loungin’ at the Waldorf”
Part 7 of 12 – “The Viper’s Drag”
Part 8 of 12 – “Mean To Me”, “Your Feet’s Too Big”
Part 9 of 12 – “That Ain’t Right”, “Keepin’ Out Of Mischief”
Part 10 of 12 – “Find out What They Like”, “Fat And Greasy”
Part 11 of 12 – “Black And Blue”
Part 12 of 12 – “Finale”, “Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Reprise)”

You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon in either the CD or the MP3 format. I looked for a DVD copy, but it appears that NBC still owns the rights to the televised performance. I don’t know why it isn’t available for purchase; there may be copyright and/or estate issues that prevent them from releasing this show to the general public.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Have a great day – 😛

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