Mr. President, If I Had a Son….

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said Friday.

Oops. Silly me – that isn’t a picture of Trayvon Martin, that’s a picture of Matthew Bent.

I daresay, Mr. President, that if you did have a son he might just as easily look like young Mr. Bent.  According to his mother, Mr. Bent was a good kid – he mowed neighbors’ lawns, volunteered with yard sales at church, did his homework and was an avid basketball player.

In October, 2009, Matthew Bent was one of three young men who were arrested for the horrific crime of pouring rubbing alcohol on one of their friends and setting him on fire.

Perhaps I missed you addressing the nation about this incident. Coming just 3 months after the Cambridge police “acted stupidly“, I can only assume that you were too busy still nursing your racial grievance wounds to be bothered by another racial crime.

The funny thing is, Mr. President, if I had a son, he might look a lot like Michael Brewer – the victim of Mr. Bent’s crime.

And while the usual posse of race-baiting hustlers is eagerly stoking up the fires of outrage against the person who allegedly shot Mr. Martin, I would like to remind those same people that young Mr. Bent STILL hasn’t been tried for this crime, over 2 1/2 years later. (The other co-defendants were finally sentenced last month)

Mr. Obama also said that he hoped that the nation would do some “soul searching” in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, and that “all of us as Americans take this with the seriousness that it deserves”.

To hear Mr. Obama (and his merry band of “the usual suspects”) tell it, it is a national tragedy when a white-on-black crime occurs (note that the accused in the Trayvon Martin case is being referred to as a “White Hispanic“), but apparently when a black-on-white crime occurs, he can’t be bothered to comment on it.

Frankly, Mr. President, you are the president of the ENTIRE United States, not just a 12% minority of the population. How about you start being outraged on behalf of ALL crime victims, not just the ones who happen to look like you?

And while you’re at it, how about you take a gander at the latest statistics put out by your own Bureau of Justice – you know, the one headed by the man who proclaimed that we are a “Nation of Cowards” when it comes to race?

Because when you get down into the weeds of that report, it becomes GLARINGLY obvious that white-on-black crime is NOT the problem; as a matter of fact, in several categories (see Table 42 on p. 55), white-on-black crime is for all intents and purposes PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT.

Now, if one were to look solely at the numbers in that Table, it would appear that the number of violent white-on-black crimes (90,717) pales in comparison to black-on-white crimes (429,444).

However, that wouldn’t be a “fair” way to interpret the data.

In fact, what the Bureau of Justice’s numbers show is that the percentage of violent white-on-black crimes (15.9%) is VIRTUALLY THE SAME as the percentage of black-on-white crimes (15.4%); the real disparities show up when you start looking at crimes such as rape and robbery (with or without injury).

So, how about you talk about THAT, Mr. President?

You say that you want to be a “uniter” – it seems to me that this is the perfect place to start.  I recognize that this is an “Inconvenient Truth”, but if you really want to start a national conversation about race, perhaps you should be letting ALL of the people in this country know that when it comes to violent crime and race, we are already equal.

You might be surprised at how well that message resonates with a majority of the country.


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[Update 03/26/12]: Revised links to Bureau of Justice website and Statistical Tables; some people weren’t able to access original links

[Update 03/26/12]: Thanks to Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection for making this the Post of the Day!  What an honor –

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21 Responses to Mr. President, If I Had a Son….

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  2. TGSG says:



  3. Guy in Ohio says:

    Well said. Everything has to be about race with this guy, doesn’t it? And, isn’t that the very definition of the word “racist”?


  4. Sibyl says:

    Thank you for this powerful and important response to the President and the Reverends Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson and the outrage poured out as a means for political gain. There is a lot of shaping, sleight of hand and spin going on in the Martin/Zimmerman case.

    Just a week after the Martin/Zimmerman assault and shooting, another white teen was chased down by black teenagers, doused with gasoline and set afire.,0,7105614.story

    Your statistics are very important, but I can’t access them without joining a Google forum or something. Do you have a link other than through Google?

    Here are other DOJ statistics posted by one commenter at another blog:
    From 1976 to 2005:
    86% of white victims were killed by whites
    94% of black victims were killed by blacks

    Of course, in the Obama administration, the Bureau of Statistics has admitted jobs numbers are fictional.

    Thanks for your good work.


  5. Excellent post, Teresa.


  6. Sibyl says:

    Thanks so much for your prompt response with the links, Teresa.
    It is likely that the Martin/Zimmerman case is being promoted and exploited for political purposes to distract from the real issues with the Obama administration policies:
    – The economy, jobs, regulations,
    – Green Energy Scandals
    – Fast and Furious
    – Obama’s birth certificate
    – Many Other Scandals
    – Obamacare
    – Gas/Oil prices – because of Obama’s loyalty to OPEC, Buffet, Soros.
    – Obama’s war against the states on Voter ID, Borders and Illegals.

    The marches and media campaign are really a dishonest political plot to keep the African American voters in spite of the harm Obama’s presidency has been for black prosperity, jobs and businesses.


  7. Sibyl says:

    More information/updates:

    Treyvon was suspended for possession of marijuana.
    “…the narrative of Martin being a young man free from trouble has been challenged, Family: pot linked to Trayvon Martin suspension: ”A family spokesman says slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was suspended from school last month for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue in his book bag.”
    Remember, Zimmerman’s call to police said that there was a person acting strangely, as if “on drugs.”
    More – Legal questions from a clinical professor of Law:
    Here is Jesse Jackson at work declaring Treyvon innocent and a martyr – working up his congregation and putting thoughts in to their heads –
    Meanwhile the Panthers got Zimmerman kicked out of school –
    Where were Jackson, Ferrakhan, Sharpton, Spike Lee, the Black Panthers and Obama when this happened in 2009 in Florida?

    And when this happened on March 4, in Kansas, just a week after the Martin/Zimmerman incident?,0,7105614.story

    For these children, victims of intentional race-based hate crimes, there were no apologies, no calls for justice, no marches, no memorial services and no expressions of condolence from the Rose Garden.

    Statistics show the sad truth about violent crime. The majority of crime is committed by blacks against blacks, whites against whites, but the majority of two race crimes are blacks against whites.

    DOJ statistics on murders from 1976 to 2005:
    86% of white victims were killed by whites
    94% of black victims were killed by blacks
    Other DOJ numbers:
    White-on-black crimes (90,717)
    Black-on-white crimes (429,444).

    Click to access cvus08.pdf

    Again, I believe this is being blown up for political gain, to keep the black vote for Obama, although the record shows his presidency has hurt black jobs, incomes and businesses (as I posted on an earlier thread).


    • Great links, Sibyl! Thanks for including those –

      This would have remained a “local” issue, I’m sure, had it not been for the Martin family lawyer calling up Al Sharpton and begging him to make this all about race. The police had taken statements at the scene, had witnesses who verified Mr. Zimmerman’s account, AND had pretty conclusive physical evidence that Mr. Zimmerman had been beaten.

      My husband just finished his gun safety course a couple of months ago, and the one thing that they stressed is that the paperwork that is involved if you actually shoot someone is a PITA; anyone who has taken that type of a course (and I’m pretty sure Florida’s rules are similar to Texas’) knows that shooting someone – even in self-defense – is the choice of absolute last resort.


  8. path says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article and you are spot on! I would love to see your article on the front page of all major newspapers. Of course, we all know that it would never happen. The MSM should be ashamed of themselves. More and more they simply prove themselves a part of Obama’s propaganda arm. P.S. I also follow my son’s stuff your mom should be proud.


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  10. fredsave1 says:

    It is annoying how media and politicians gravitate toward individual cases like these (when so many happen like it on a daily basis) for personal gain or to promote a view on a larger issue. I will add that both issues are sad stories and both should be viewed as such equally.

    From your data and the data presented here it appears as if there is a higher rate of black on white crime then there is white on black but the real question is why is that occuring? If we are looking to prevent these crimes from taking place then what is causing the frequency of crime to go higher with one race over the other (or inflicted on the other)?

    Here is a link that gives one potential reason as to why, potentially:

    Click to access 12s0691.pdf


    • I think that you have to go deeper than that one chart, though. Yes, it’s true that more AA households are poor, but you have to ask yourself “Why”; it didn’t just happen in a vacuum.

      The sad fact is that over 70% of black babies born today are born to single mothers, many of whom are quite young and come from a single-parent household. The combination of welfare, relaxed moral standards, and abortion-on-demand have made it possible – some would argue inevitable – for this sad state to keep perpetuating itself. (And it’s starting to creep into other ethnicities as well)

      When you consider that in many states welfare offices actually have charts that will calculate what benefits a single mom will receive vs. what she/they will receive if she marries her baby’s father (and most of them realize it is more “advantageous” to remain single), it quickly becomes obvious that this is a state of affairs that is doomed to continue.

      We are allowing our young daughters to think that it’s OK to have sex without a firm commitment from a young man. The “sexual revolution” has been a disaster for women – young men are getting the milk for free, and aren’t being held responsible for their actions. And many young women, in their desire to be cared about, will have sex with a boy, thinking that he cares about her (and maybe he does), and then be devastated when he moves on to something prettier and shinier.

      Mind you, I’ve never considered myself a prude. However, I have 3 grown daughters, so I have seen this play out firsthand with many girls at the high school and college level. The last thing that any parent of daughters wants is for their precious little girl to get hurt. Unfortunately, it happens over and over – and when sex is added to the mix, the hurt is compounded by orders of magnitude when the inevitable break-up occurs.

      Once other boys know that a girl “puts out” – and most girls don’t realize that boys brag about such things – the minute she is “available”, they all come running. It isn’t until much later that these girls realize that they are being used, and the emotional toll that takes is heartbreaking to watch.

      Unfortunately, the girls who don’t have a father around during these crucial years are the ones who suffer the most. They are looking for male acceptance/love at the very time that they need a father around to keep them “safe” from the boys who are only looking for one thing. It’s amazing how well a boy will behave if he knows that there is a father waiting at home who will happily take said boy “out” if any harm befalls his precious little girl.

      Good gracious, I”ve written a book again – sorry about that! And I went off topic again (which is normal for me….)


      • fredsave1 says:

        100% agree…wow can’t believe I just said that!!

        Welfare and the breakdown of the family structure is so broken to me it’s crazy. It doesn’t take a genius to see the connection between the two and why some problems perpetuate.

        I don’t want to see society allow people to continually fall into the cycle of poverty but how do you provide for people who can’t provide for themselves and not have them become dependent on that aide? At what point do they become responsible for themselves and do not freely take from the people who are trying to give them help? Where is the responsibility and accountability?

        As a result I believe this is a place where the answers provided by liberals are seen as being enabling while the answers provided by conservatives are seen as being cruel.


      • LOL!!!!! Fred, you’re so funny! I think we “agree” on more things than we disagree on –

        I do think there is a “happy medium”, but politics has become so polarized these days that each side “plays” the other in the court of the media. And let’s face it, if everything were “peaceful”, there wouldn’t be anything for the media to really report: “Congress agrees on everything; film at 11.”

        I think that most conservatives don’t have a problem with social programs to help the TRULY needy – those who literally cannot earn a living or take care of themselves; the elderly, etc.

        The problem is that in an effort to “be nice”, both sides have expanded that safety net to the point that it has become a safety “hammock”.

        And when it comes to the “cycle of poverty”, there really and truly are some people who are just always going to be poor simply because they can’t learn from their mistakes and start to make better decisions. It’s just a fact of life that can’t be helped. The ones who CAN learn are the ones who eventually climb out and make a better life for themselves. Unfortunately, if people aren’t allowed to make mistakes – and fall, sometimes really hard – and “suffer” the consequences, they will never find the INCENTIVE to change.

        Obviously, nobody expects someone who is physically/mentally handicapped to the point that they can’t take care of themselves to “make it” on their own. And I don’t know of anybody who would deny help to those people. But the folks who say that they need food stamps, welfare, etc. who are walking around with the most expensive phone, their nails and hair perfectly done, in nice clothes and with a nice car, smoking cigarettes and buying booze – well, I think that most people have had ENOUGH of seeing that, and are tired of being asked to subsidize that lifestyle while being told that they need to be having more money taken out of their paycheck (and off of their table) to pay for more “goodies” for “poor” people.

        If you can “afford” to pay for cigarettes and booze, rims for your car, tattoos, and/or grilles for your teeth, then you should also be able to pay for your own food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, AND ANY CHILDREN THAT YOU HAVE. If you expect us to pay for your “necessities” so that you can “afford” luxuries, well – find someone else to pay for it.

        Alexandra Pelosi (yes, THAT Pelosi!) is a documentary filmmaker who did a series of films recently on welfare recipients; one in MIssissippi and one in NYC. The Mississippi one got lots of air time, because it showed ignorant yokels (feeds into the idea of Southerners as stupid rednecks). The other one – which shows able-bodied people (most of them black men) going in to get their welfare checks – hasn’t seen the light of day on any of the mainstream networks or the big (liberal) cable shows (to his credit, Bill Maher was willing to show it).

        According to Ms. Pelosi, their response to her was, “We can’t show THAT!”

        It doesn’t fit the narrative.

        However, it is an accurate representation of all too many welfare recipients – of all colors and backgrounds. There are a LOT of people collecting welfare checks who are not what anybody would call “unable” to do for themselves.

        But anyone who dares to suggest that people like this should be expected to earn their own keep is tarred with the “uncaring” label. Unfortunately, the “left” side of the aisle has been taken over by people who are all too happy to perpetuate this – there aren’t many “moderate” Democrats left in Congress; they have been run off by their own party. And the Congressional Districts that the extremists in the party represent are filled with people who will continue to vote them in because they want all of the “goodies” that are promised to them.

        The shellacking that the Dems took in 2010 just about wiped out the moderate Democrats – the ones who voted for Obamacare in spite of their constituents’ desires; the more extremist Dems were always going to be “safe”.

        Unfortunately, that means that we are now left with a Congress that is even MORE polarized than before.

        The scary thing comes when you look at some of the donors behind those extreme Democrats – many of them make no secret of the fact that they accept donations (and in many cases, AWARDS) from the Socialist and Communist Parties of America.

        It’s going to be an interesting next few months…..


  11. fredsave1 says:

    believe the term the people in the Pelosi film in NYC were using was “Obama Bucks” and when asked what is wrong with you? and why don’t you work? the most common answers…I just don’t want a job, I want a career (BTW he said that while he was hitting on a woman who passed by)…WOW, how insightful.

    Also had another guy in the clip claiming to have 5 daughters (or kids) with 4 different mothers, look at the uphill fight those kids have infront of them. What a social nightmare!!

    This is where I get angry working my three jobs and I go days sometimes without seeing my kids because of work, but at least I am helping their laziness and help provide them with stability, it’s enough to make me want to vote Republican (but don’t think that would help).


    • …it’s enough to make me want to vote Republican….

      *doing best Evil Emperor voice*
      Come to the Dark Side……
      (We have cookies!)

      Fred, I salute you for working so hard for your family – you are showing your kids what it means to CARE about those you love. What a wonderful legacy to give them!

      Don’t give up – you are doing the right thing, and it WILL pay off in the long run. You’ve always got MY support!

      As far as voting Republican goes, the way I look at it is this: every “R” vote is TWO “D” votes that are required to “overtake” it. If you don’t like what the D’s are doing, and you want someone else in there, then pull the lever for the Republican candidate and make it that much harder for the D candidate to win.

      It will be our little secret….. 😛


  12. Paul in AK says:

    Hey there all of you out there who got STUPID and jumped on the “Downright Racist” bandwagon when Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida. Did you finally learn a lesson out of this? It should have been “Never allow the media to guide your thoughts.” People in the media like those mindless drama-queen twits on The View. Spike Lee. Nation of Islam. New Black Panthers. Jesse Jackson. Barry Soetoro. Al Sharpton. All of your heroes that dragged you onto their platform of idiocy and got you to parrot what you heard them scream on TV, are you happy now? Do ya feel good? Even knowing that you were all dead wrong about the racist white shooter who turns out to be 2nd generation Peruvian Democrat with a Jewish last name?

    Well guess what? All of you who followed the leads of these racist scum now look like complete idiots, incapable of independent thought without the direct guidance of your puppeteers. And the rest of us are going to laugh in your face when the anger subsides! I have a new name for you who fell for it. STUPID! This race-baiting has gone on for so long and has been exposed and discussed to such great lengths that anyone NOT stupid, and CAPABLE of independent thought, was listening to the news when it happened and was immediately thinking “Race-Baiters”. The talking heads, no, screaming heads on TV do the same thing over and over. They look your stupid name up in their little book that shows your favorite flavor, smear it all over their hook, then cast it out and laugh when you swallow it EVERY DARNED TIME. Why can’t you spot the sequence? Why do you have to rely on your TV to tell you what to think, feel and know?

    You don’t have the people and groups named above as icons of morality or personal responsibility, they are your Slave Masters. And until you finally get it through your thick heads that the only hate is in the hearts and minds of your icons, these problems will never go away. They will only get worse. Far worse. Worse to the point of hundreds dying in the streets OVER YOUR STUPIDITY AND REFUSAL TO LOOK THROUGH THE FOG AT THE REALITY AROUND YOU.

    If you’re a kid and your heroes are baseball players, you’re gonna at least grow up watching baseball on TV. If your heroes were scientists then you’ll probably be a geek like me. But if you grow up with those clowns as your heroes you’re gonna grow up with a very narrow perspective on the world, not wanting to break out of your box, and willing to blame all the worlds woes on whoever your puppet masters tell you to blame. Shame on you living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, perfectly willing to enslave yourself because you’re afraid of the false image of the world that these clowns have painted for you.

    Here’s how you handle it next time. Immediately shut off the stupid box and say a prayer. Ask the Lord for guidance. Probably what I should have done before sending this. Needed to be said. Most are to afraid to say anything. I am not. Don’t want me to call you stupid anymore? Quit jumping to cause. Use your head. ANYTHING the media tells you is either all lies, partial lies, or missing just enough of the truth as to be indiscernible from a lie. Case in point – Trayvon Martin. Do ya see? Huh? Do ya?????

    Other than that I have no real opinion in the matter, STUPID!


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