Tuesday Tunes – “Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti”

In honor of Gioachino Rossini’s birthday (it’s actually February 29th), I wanted to share this adorable performance of a piece that has been attributed to him, affectionately known as “The Cat Duet”.

While this piece is normally performed by two women (I had more fun singing this, way back when), these two little boys*** would steal any show!

*** They’re not so “little” any more; this performance by “Les petits chanteurs a la croix de bois” (PCCB – also known as “The Little Singers Of Paris”) is from their concert done in Seoul, Korea, Nov 30, 1996.

The boys doing the singing are Hyacinthe de Moulins (the blonde boy) and Régis Mengus (the dark-haired boy).  Régis is now an opera singer in France, and Hyacinthe got married in May, 2013.

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