All (Kindle) Fired Up


Well, I guess it had to happen eventually….

I’ve become a Kindle Fire convert.

It started off innocently enough – Santa brought Paul a brand new Kindle Fire HD/4G Tablet for Christmas, which meant that his “old” Kindle Fire was passed along to yours truly. (Confession: I purchased a cover for my “new” toy before it was officially passed along – it was too cute to pass up)

Alice in Wonderland Kindle Cover
I thought that I might use it to play games, and perhaps to read the occasional book or two when travelling. But then I decided to see what all the fuss was about…..

….and now it’s Paul, me, his Kindle, and my Kindle in bed every night.

Good thing they don’t hog the covers 😛
(If you’d like a cover like this but would like more options than there are at the Signals site, you can visit the Klevercase website – it will cost a bit more for shipping, but they have some beautifully unique covers that are made to look like real books.)

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A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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10 Responses to All (Kindle) Fired Up

  1. kerry says:

    now if that isn’t the neatest thing! hubby and i have been talking about getting ourselves a kindle fire or a google nexus, and now i know what case i want!


    • Yay! I have to admit, as soon as I saw a picture of the case, I was trying to figure out how to finagle a Kindle of my own….. 😛


    • And the really nifty thing is that you can watch movies and TV shows on your Kindle as well. Rebecca even has one of her very own, so she is able to play games and watch movies (we did have to disable Wi-Fi on hers so that she can’t “1-click” us into the poorhouse……).

      You won’t regret buying one – and you’ll probably end up getting more than one so that you don’t have to share!


  2. The Queen says:

    I went from an old, original Kindle to a Kindle Fire at Christmas this year. I love it to pieces!


  3. Imogene Pulleine says:

    We wondered how you were getting along. This 89 year old put a NOOK on her wish list and your Uncle John gifted me. The books I published last year were also published as e-Books. Candy had advised me to do so before her death.but she only saw “John’s KATZ. Friends read it to her and told me so at her Celebration of Life event. John is still married to newspapers & magazines.
    I am enjoying reading again and can read and watch some of the evening programs. Still a lover of “Millionaire”(who wants to be).
    John and I have so much to do to be able to sell the house and move closer to our extended family groups. With the two of us, the grands, and D & R to help in some ways it won’t be so bad. And there are also four pairs of hands that will be home from Alaska for their summer visit.


    • We had the flu – and assorted secondary infections – at Christmas. Since I’m on low-dosage steroids for the Myasthenia, I get the “Sampler Platter” of whatever germs are in the air. Sometimes I get sick, sometimes I don’t. Whatever this was, it knocked me down pretty good. I’m just now getting caught up with everything from last month….

      Glad to hear that all is well with you – I hope you enjoy your NOOK!


  4. Sandra says:

    How do I love my Kindle: let me count the ways. It was the first thing I bought with my Amazon points. Then I had to get the hubs a Fire when they first came out last year. Then, of course, I needed the Kindle app on my phone so I wouldn’t have to waste a single minute while waiting in line, etc. And when I saw that lightning deal last fall, I HAD to buy my own fire so Greg and I can play Words With Friends from different rooms in the house! I actually prefer it to paperbacks.


    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It’s pretty sad when you “communicate” with someone in the next room via an electronic device; of course, we do it when we’re sitting next to each other….. 😛

      I saw that Kindle Fire deal in December, and was ready to cut a b****, because I had already bought one earlier in the year. Couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase another one (darn it).

      I love that we can watch Amazon Prime programming on it, and Paul REALLY likes being able to watch HBO and Cinemax programs on his tablet – he’s been catching up on “True Blood” episodes on HBO*Go after we put Rebecca to bed.


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