Her Name is “Lola”….

….and whatever Lola wants, Lola is gonna get.
Needless to say, Paul is smitten:

(Hey, I figure I get to name her – after all, I’ve got to call “The Other Woman” SOMETHING, right? 😛 )

When I ride shotgun, you can just call me “Sally“:
It’s gonna be a fun weekend….. 😛

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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12 Responses to Her Name is “Lola”….

  1. Jay in Ames says:

    Oh no! It’s the mid life crisis car! I’ll bet it has the V8, doesn’t it?

    Heh, nice ride!


  2. Jay in Ames says:

    You should take it on a nice long trip. Maybe out east?

    Just sayin.


    • Paul doesn’t have enough vacation time saved up for a trip east AND Christmas vacation with his family.

      Besides, on long trips, the Becca van is called up for service. I’d go stir crazy in a small car for 1500 miles (one way).

      Paul would be dead by the time we got back home….. 😛


  3. MJ says:

    Sweeeeeeet. And sure, black is the hardest color to keep clean, but nothing looks better on a sports car.


  4. MJ says:

    My professional advice is to find a long, straight, lonely road and see how fast it goes.

    This comment is for Paul. Please pass it along and then DO NOT REMEMBER IT. TYIA.


    • There are lots of stretches like that out in West Texas – the new toll road that goes around Austin has a LEGAL speed limit of 85 😛

      He was chomping at the bit last night on the neighborhood roads, and taking the corners like he was competing in the Indy 500. The new steering features make it work like a dream – you almost can’t lose control.

      It’s a pretty sweet ride…..


  5. fred says:



  6. Mom says:

    Lola is beautiful – I can see why Paul was so anxious to get her – bet Rebecca likes her too.
    Hopefully, some day I can be lucky enough to get a ride in her.
    Love to all,


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