“Over The Rainbow” (Eva Cassidy)

I’m tired of living in interesting times

Here’s a calming counterpoint to all of the madness that is going on half a world away:

(“Over The Rainbow” by the incomparable Eva Cassidy – available on CD or MP3)

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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6 Responses to “Over The Rainbow” (Eva Cassidy)

  1. scr_north says:

    I heard Eva Cassidy by accident last year (Fields of Gold song) and was a fan right away. I bought her Songbird album and was then stunned to learn she had passed away back in 1996 and only achieved her much deserved recognition posthumously. Such a shame. You picked a great song Teresa and a great artist.


    • Yeah – I saw the “Nightline” segment that was run in 2001 (it remained one of their highest-viewed programs, and was re-run more than once), and had to go out and find her CDs.

      “Songbird” was the first one that I got, too – it still gets played a lot…… 😛

      Glad you liked it!


  2. Will Key says:

    Hi Teresa in my home town! I have my own collection of Eva’s wonderful music. I build computers (or re-build them) and the best way to know the sound system is working properly is to play the CD Songbird …


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