The (Arab) Winter of Our Discontent

“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” – Lord Melbourne
Don’t let the administration or the media get away with telling the world that this came about because of some cheesy video clip.  They are saying that in order to draw attention away from their shitty Foreign Policy which – along with many other factors that have nothing to do with the United States – allowed this mayhem to occur.

The arrogant head of this administration was convinced that his goodwill and charisma would be enough to sway the opinions of people who – in many cases – have the mindset of primitive tribal cultures.

The literacy rates in most of these countries is abysmally low, and the overwhelming majority of people in these places are so busy eking out a miserable existence that they don’t have time to spend pondering Classic Liberal Philosophy.

They are stoked into a frenzy by extremist mullahs, told where to go and what to do, and they mindlessly obey because that is all that they know how to do.

…the street level, which was dominated by the Islamists and this same collection of young toughs, high school and technical school students who hang out around Tahrir Square.  They like fights, they like to storm buildings, some, if not most, are addicted to Tramadol. It’s a great anti-police drug. You don’t feel pain. They can beat you to death and you won’t feel a thing.

….the young street toughs are easy to co-opt for different causes, because they have no ideology. “During the revolution, the leftists called them heroes and martyrs on their TV shows and in their columns. They’re basically lower class kids and the leftists defended them, arguing that middle class Egyptians hated everyone who looked different or acted differently.”

For all we know, they may be paid to show up – that’s how it’s done in other countries – and it’s a whole lot easier to throw rocks and destroy someone else’s property than it is to plow a rocky field all day.

Both Qaddafi and Mubarak (and many others) WARNED Obama that the “freedom fighters” were Al-Qaeda, and that the only way to deal with them is to be absolutely ruthless.

We may not like and/or understand that, but at some point the do-gooders of the world have to realize that there are places in the world where our form of culture/government Will.Not.Work.

This didn’t happen because of some stupid video clip.

This happened because nobody is around to supervise undisciplined children with too much time on their hands. And because Central Planners forget that mobs take on a life of their own.  And because there are some people/cultures who are perfectly happy to watch the world burn.

There is no such thing as “Noble Savages”.

Just savages.

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