A Hilarious Harry Potter Spoof (That I Can’t Believe I Missed) –


In 2003, the BBC’s “French and Saunders” did this laugh-out-loud spoof on the second Harry Potter film for the UK’s version of Comic Relief:

2003’s UK fundraiser performed a spoof story entitled “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan” that featured Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Miranda Richardson, Jeremy Irons, Alison Steadman and Ronnie Corbett, with the sketch being preceded by a message from JK Rowling. French and Richardson would later star in several of the real Harry Potter films. With so much star power, this spoof didn’t see a whole lot of attention outside of the UK, but that’s not to say it’s not worth searching out.

Here is “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan“:
(My apologies – the best-quality videos were broken up into 4 parts, and all of them have the Comic Relief “whine and beg” line running through them at some point)

Aren’t those a hoot?
Have a great day!
UPDATE: I was finally able to find a link to this hilarious Saturday Night Live skit with Lindsay Lohan (as Hermione Granger) – you’ll want to click to view this one in full screen mode (this is a “.wmv” link). If you don’t have access to .wmv, here’s a link for iPod users, as well as a link to the website (you can’t get a full-screen view there, though)

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7 Responses to A Hilarious Harry Potter Spoof (That I Can’t Believe I Missed) –

  1. Christine. says:

    Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are two of the best comediennes ever. I love Dawn as she reminds me of me in lots of ways, and she grew up in Plymouth where I, too, grew up. Great reminder, thanks. 🙂


  2. You aren’t allowed to like Ab Fab if u aren’t gay


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