Happy Birthday to my BFF

Who let the (old) broads out?

The first day of high school (Fall, 1974), the girl sitting in the desk in front of me in my first class (German II, with Herr Suhr) turned around and said, “Hi! I’m Becky.”

Our lockers were next to each other that first year (we both got “lower” lockers, because we were both quite short), and throughout high school we tried to arrange our schedules so that we would both have lunch the same period (didn’t always work out). We spent a lot of time at each other’s houses, just hanging out and talking. I liked her house because she lived next to the bay; she liked my house because we lived right across from our neighborhood swimming pool. We had lots of fun.

Thirty-eight years later (dear Lord, where did THAT time go?), we’re still bestest buds. We’ve been through a lot together, but no matter what, we both knew that the other one was always there for us – all we had to do was pick up the phone, and it was as if we had just talked to each other the day before.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve shared good food and drink, but most of all, we’ve shared a lot of love. We started out as wet-behind-the-ears ingenues, but now we’re a couple of seasoned old birds (and we’re lovin’ the fact that we can now get away with being a couple of smart alecks).

So here’s to all of the great memories, dear friend – thanks for putting up with me all these years! I hope you have a great birthday (make sure that Dave spoils you rotten!).

Love ya lots ♥♥♥

We were in high school when this song was originally released
(Yes, we’re dinosaurs….)


About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, middle-aged, happily-married, mother of 4 daughters. A former high school valedictorian (way back in the Stone Age), a Civil Engineering major in college, a middle-of-the-road Conservative, and a moderate Methodist. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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7 Responses to Happy Birthday to my BFF

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Becky, I am one of the lucky schoolmate friends also. Feel lucky to keep in touch with several ones of us who are left. There is something special about our long time school friends. Have a good day. Imogene, La Porte, TX


  2. Barbara says:

    Happy Birthday from another old bird! Hi to both of you.


  3. Becky Fuller says:

    Why, thank you, dear BFF!! Man-we have been through a lot together over all these years. That first day of German seems like a different lifetime ago. It has been a very good day. I told my kindergarteners that I was 25, and they all laughed and said, “That’s good. Mrs. Fuller is 25.” Such gullible little darlings.Thank you so much for the birthday wishes – we must chat soon. I miss you, lady.
    Love ya’,


  4. Mom says:

    I also have enjoyed knowing Becky all of these years. It was wonderful seeing the two of you growing up together all of those years, and having Becky at our house. It’s also wonderful seeing how the two of you have matured and how you have grown and have become such fine women.

    Teresa’s Mom


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