Happy WDSD!

Our little munchkin, Rebecca

(That stands for World Down Syndrome Day)

I’m not usually big on “Awareness” Days, but I make an exception for this one, because it celebrates some very special people. The date that was picked (3/21) is no accident – on this date, we celebrate those wonderful people who have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. Life in a family with a DS member is a whirlwind adventure!

One of the things that many families worry about is how having a child with Down syndrome is going to affect the other children in their family. I always tell them not to worry – almost all siblings of people with DS have close, loving relationships with their DS brother/sister throughout their lifetime. There is lots of laughter in the houses of DS families.

In looking for stuff to include in this post, I ran across a couple of videos that just made me grin from ear to ear – what a lucky little girl to have brothers like this (and all of the families that I have encountered have just as much fun as these guys!):

They obviously have lots of fun together (with lots of hugs and kisses):

Big Brother interviews his sister (and vice versa):

Younger Brother gets his sister in on the act – this is the kind of joy that our families get to see every day:

The most fun thing about having someone with Down syndrome in your family is that EVERY day is a party – most of us actually feel sorry for non-DS families!

Little Miss Attitude…


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17 Responses to Happy WDSD!

  1. Imogene says:

    Rebecca, at Christmas, showed a big growth spurt since we last saw her the year before. Catherine said that Kimberly had some questions, as usual, and she was happy to explain the gene situation. Kimberlly is an explorer type and has many questions about anything new. She has asked John, grgranddad many questions from one plus. When she was about three he asked her a question and shse replied, “What do you need to know for?” She had her 12th birthday on March. 2012.


    • It doesn’t seem possible that Kimberly is that old already!

      We’re never embarassed by “the” questions – we’re always happy to explain why Rebecca looks different. We’ve never been offended by any questions, either – most kids are just curious; we’ve never had one be mean to us!


  2. Jay in Ames says:

    Good pics, TiFW. And a nice writeup, too!


  3. wpdunn74136 says:

    give lil miss attitude a big old hug from uncka krow, missy mapril and Cahill Cat!


  4. Lizard says:

    T – my friend is going to try and get her cousin to check out your blog.
    Your Rebecca is such a cutie, I love the attitude pic!


  5. osoloco says:

    Well done. Love the Attitude pic!


  6. Mom says:

    Rebecca is wonderful, and we love her dearly. Just don’t get to see her as much as we would like. Good job on the blog.


  7. Bob says:



  8. I fell in love with Rebecca when she was here. I wish y’all lived closer 🙂


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