A Musical Interlude for the Dog Days of Summer

Dude – my beautiful wickedness is melting…..

Honestly, I can’t remember a summer this hot in Texas. I mean, we were here in 1980 – that brutal summer of 2 solid months of 100+ degree temperatures – but these past few weeks have been ridiculously scorching. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a weather report where every temperature for the week was expected to be AT LEAST 104 degrees – and we’ve had at least 2 weeks of forecasts like that, with another one planned for this week.

What’s a delicate little flower (that’d be ME, you guys….) supposed to do?

Ah, well – here’s some summertime music to soothe the savage breast. I’ve been staying indoors with the A/C turned down and the ceiling fans turned up….

Let’s start out “Old School” with a catchy little classic from Nat King Cole (you’ll have to click on the link to watch on YouTube; sorry!):



While we’re on a trip down Memory Lane, here’s a really cute arrangement (one-man!) of an old classic:



Next, we’ll go with a hippy-dippy peppy little tune from Mungo Jerry:



Continuing with the “hippie” era, we have The Loving Spoonful (I couldn’t find any good videos with a summertime theme, so here’s Brucey, Sammy, and Jeremy getting “dirt’ and gritty” instead):



And everyone knows that it wouldn’t be summertime without a tune from the Beach Boys (this one will also have to be watched by clicking on the link to YouTube):



Okay, I’ve had enough summer for this year – I can haz cold weather now?

C’mon, winter!

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[Bonus track for you classical music lovers out there]

Here’s something a little different – one of the most beautiful arrangements of “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess” that I have ever heard. This isn’t your “traditional” summertime music, but it is certainly relaxing on a hot summer afternoon:



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8 Responses to A Musical Interlude for the Dog Days of Summer

  1. Aewl says:

    Very good selection. Thanks!


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  3. I am thinking of playing Christmas music.


  4. Now, THERE’S an idea…….!


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  6. Michelle says:

    Soothe the savage breast?


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