One Last Time Tour

The day has finally arrived –



What Teresa will look like this evening…

I have been in love with this man’s music since I first heard “Mandy” when it was originally played on the radio in 1974.  I have always wanted to go to one of his concerts, but time (and money; and kids; and, well, life) kept getting in the way.

Well, neither one of us – me or Barry – is getting any younger, and this is his last big tour, so when our local radio station announced that he was coming to the area, I decided it was now or never.

I had some money of my own saved up, so I went online and sprang for the best seats that were available – we’ll be sitting on the 3rd row from the front in the center floor section.

I didn’t tell Paul until after the deed was done; I just called him up after the fact and told him to clear his schedule for the afternoon and evening of February 18th.

Covering His Ears

What Paul will look like this evening….

I even purchased parking in the prime lot (since I have Handicapped plates, we’ll get to park really, really close).  I  also made reservations for dinner at the fancy-schmantzy on-site restaurant.

This is the first “professional” concert that I have EVER gone to, so if you hear loud squealing this evening, just assume it’s me – I am so excited, I can barely stand it!

Screaming Fans

Yeah, it’s pretty much gonna be like this all night…

I know that Mr. Manilow will not be able to sing all of MY favorites (we would be there all week), but I am sure that he will sing a lot of them.  And I have heard that he puts on a great show, so I am really looking forward to a fun time.

And I get to check off the “Big One” on my Bucket List!

Fanilow 400x466

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