Happy Birthday, Granny!


Another year sexier! (2010)

Today is my dear, sweet Grandmother’s 95th birthday.  I’m not able to see her very often since we live so far from her, but I think about her often (even if I am remiss in calling her when I should).  I do try to send her flowers for special occasions, though – Granny’s first name is Daisy, so I always try to make sure that any arrangement that is sent has lots of daisies in it.

This year (2015), we were able to get all of the girls together to go and visit Granny for her birthday – we had lots of fun just hanging out with her! (I sent her some flowers too….)

I’m the oldest of her grandchildren, born to her oldest daughter; one of my favorite pictures is that of Granny, my Mom, me, and my oldest daughter, Rachel, when she was a baby:

Four Generations of Carroll Women - 1987

Four generations of lovely ladies (1988)

And here we are, recreating that picture 27 years later (we tried to convince my Mom to hold Rachel on her hip again, but she was having none of it….):

The Foursome - 1

The Lovely Ladies, 27 Years Later (2015)

When I think about all of the things that have happened in my grandmother’s lifetime, I am truly amazed – when she was 7 years old, Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean; forty-two years later, man walked on the moon (she even got to brag to her friends and family that her son-in-law was one of many who helped to make that possible).

Three Generations

Granny, Mom, and Me (2010)

She has seen amazing changes in medical science – the development of vaccines which prevented people from contracting potentially fatal illnesses, the miracle of antibiotics, the discovery of how DNA works, organ transplants, prenatal ultrasounds, cancer treatments, and so much more have all originated in her lifetime.


Eight of the fourteen great-grandchildren (2010)

In her lifetime, she has seen the advent of indoor plumbing, central heat and air, and homes wired for electricity.  She has seen telephone technology advance from an expensive luxury with clunky equipment into a lightweight, portable gadget that literally puts the world at peoples’ fingertips.

Granny and Mom (2015)

Granny and Mom, 2015

I am so glad that I still have my Granny here – she’s a lot of fun, and I love her very much!

Granny and Me, 2015

Granny and Me, 2015

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  1. Mom says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Love you.


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