It’s World Down Syndrome Day (3/21)

Our little munchkin, Rebecca

I’m not usually big on “Awareness” Days, but I make an exception for this one, because it celebrates some very special people. The date that was picked (3/21) is no accident – on this date, we celebrate those wonderful people who have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. Life in a family with a DS member is a whirlwind adventure!

One of the things that many families worry about is how having a child with Down syndrome is going to affect the other children in their family. I always tell them not to worry – almost all siblings of people with DS have close, loving relationships with their DS brother/sister throughout their lifetime. There is lots of laughter in the houses of DS families.

In looking for stuff to include in this post, I ran across a couple of videos that just made me grin from ear to ear – what a lucky little girl to have brothers like this (and all of the families that I have encountered have just as much fun as these guys!):

They obviously have lots of fun together (with lots of hugs and kisses):

Big Brother interviews his sister (and vice versa):

Younger Brother gets his sister in on the act – this is the kind of joy that our families get to see every day:

The most fun thing about having someone with Down syndrome in your family is that EVERY day is a party – most of us actually feel sorry for non-DS families!

Little Miss Attitude…


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