Tuesday Tunes – Theme from “Somewhere in Time”

Sometimes when you start exploring YouTube, you stumble across the most beautiful things – this song has special meaning for me, because “Somewhere in Time” was the first movie that Paul and I saw as a newly-married couple.

Our anniversary is later this week, so I thought this would make a nice trip down memory lane:


The gentleman playing this gorgeous arrangement of the theme from one of my all-time favorite movies is a young man from Croatia named Maxsim Mrvica. I had never heard of him before I saw this video, but I’m now a huge fan…

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3 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – Theme from “Somewhere in Time”

  1. One of my favorite movies ever, and I am not one for “chick flicks”. The music was divine 🙂

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    • For years, I thought that we were some of only a very few who had ever seen the movie – it wasn’t until much, much later that I realized there were fans all over the country! I would love to visit the hotel in the film one of these days – but not on the weekend of the annual “Somewhere in Time” get-together….

      I noticed that all of the music has a distinct “Rachmaninoff” feel to it. I’m a huge fan of the Romantic composers from that time period.


      • His “Variation on a Theme from Paganini” was the cornerstone for the music. And I would love to go to the Grand Hotel and Holland Island lighthouse, AKA Big Red. But in the summer, because I hate snow and cold 😀

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