Tuesday Tunes – An Elvis “Two-fer”

Last year, we were having fun introducing Rebecca to a wider range of movies. Whereas before she was primarily interested in the animated flicks, last year she started developing a taste for the offbeat humor that us older folks enjoy.

One of her favorite “grown-up” movies is “Ghostbusters”, but she also took a shine to the original “Men in Black” movie. One of my favorite musical moments in that movie is the tunnel scene when Tommy Lee Jones pops a toe-tapping tune into the 8-track player.

Now, I haven’t kept up with all of the Elvis songs, so I wasn’t familiar with that catchy little number, but thanks to the internet, I took a couple of the words that I heard – “Swing down chariot” – and entered them on the Search line, along with “Elvis”.

This is what came up (“Swing Down Sweet Chariot“):

Granted, it’s a snappy little tune, but it wasn’t the one that I was looking for (however, it did get added to my “Favorites” list on YouTube).

So I searched some more, and hit paydirt when I entered “Elvis” and “Men in Black” on the search line (the name of the song is “Promised Land” – feel free to swing your head back and forth; you know you want to):


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