“Rhapsody” Redux

Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin 1.
I know that I just did a post about this piece – I was looking for something to fill in a Saturday afternoon, so I decided to leave it up, rather than take it down and re-post it because some people had already seen it (thanks for indulging me!).

But when I ran across a version of the piece performed by another up-and-coming musical talent, I knew that I had to do another post on the piece. What better day to do that than on the anniversary of “Rhapsody’s” debut?

On February 12, 1924, the American public was treated to the world debut of what has become an enduring and quintessential American classic – “Rhapsody in Blue“, written by a then up-and-coming musical talent, George Gershwin.

I think that Mr. Gershwin would love this young man’s interpretation of his now-classic piece:

This young man’s name is Benjamin Grosvenor, and he is quite the sensation in his native UK. He is backed up on this piece by the equally impressive Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr. Grosvenor is just starting to become known over here across the pond – I know that I have already added both of his Decca albums to my Wish List, and I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more from him over the next few decades.

And, yes – he will be featured in at least a few more posts here 😛

(If you are interested in hearing what “Rhapsody in Blue” sounded like at the time of its debut, I am including a couple of links for you to check out – as you will hear, “Rhapsody” was originally played at a MUCH faster tempo than modern audiences are used to:

The first link is of a 1925 recording done not long after audiences first heard it. The second link is of a modern-day recording which used the original 1925 piano rolls as played by Mr. Gershwin himself – so you are also hearing the same piano part as folks who heard it live back in the day.)

Rhapsody in Blue - Opening.

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