Remind Me Again – Who, Exactly, is Responsible for This “Shutdown”?

WWII 18.
Breitbart has a post up today detailing the things that the Government is doing to make life as difficult as possible for the citizens of this country during this shutdown:

The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down By Obama to Inflict Public Pain

Just remember, folks – the House has passed bills this week to fund ALL of these programs; many, many House Democrats voted AGAINST each of these bills this week.

Harry Reid has refused to take these bills up in the Senate, and even if he were to take them up and they were to pass, President Obama has said that HE would veto them.

 Park Service Ranger: ‘We’ve Been Told to Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can’ – “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

The next time someone tells you that Republicans are the ones keeping the government shut down, remind them that the Republicans are the ONLY ones who are passing bills trying to keep it open.

They are DOING THEIR JOB, per the Constitution.

The ONLY person who is denying American citizens access to property – which is already bought and paid for, thanks to their tax dollars – has also decided that he is the ONLY citizen who is allowed to enjoy the use of taxpayer-funded property during this shutdown.

He’s playing 18 holes on Federally-owned Land this weekend…..

Golf 1a.

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4 Responses to Remind Me Again – Who, Exactly, is Responsible for This “Shutdown”?

  1. Fred says:

    YEY…the blame game!!


  2. Fred says:

    Everyone is good! Hope it’s the same with you!

    Here’s a funny one…not too long:


    • Hah!

      That is a good one – Jon Stewart is a funny guy 😛

      It’s all just a bunch of political theater anyway – I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that this is how both sides planned to do it all along.

      I do think that holding little old ladies and Japanese tourists hostage at Yellowstone park was a bit much, but I suppose all departments of government have folks in them who let a little bit of power go to their heads…..


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