It’s Called “The Shatner”…..

They say that “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

They also say, “Teach a man to fish…..” (you know the rest).

One of the blogs that I follow had a post about William Shatner today, and I wanted to find a clip of one of my favorite lines about “The Shat”. It’s from the TV show “3rd Rock From The Sun”, and with a little bit of research I was able to find out that the name of the episode in question is “Moby Dick”.

The Shatner

“I’ve gotta get back down to a 32 waist….”

Whenever Paul is moaning about the dreaded “Middle Aged Spread” – which means when he’s getting dressed in the morning, when he gets out of the tub, when he’s eating dinner, when he’s getting ready for bed, etc. – we always joke that he needs to get himself a “Shatner”. (I keep telling him that you never see any healthy old trees that are skinny; he’s just adding “rings”)

Surprisingly enough, a clip of this wasn’t anywhere to be found – in fact, it’s as if nobody had ever seen the darn scene.

I’ve always wondered how people managed to make their own YouTube clips from TV shows, but I decided to give it a shot – amazingly enough, it worked(!).  So here it is: my very first YouTube download/conversion/cut scene – I’ve dedicated it to Paul:

YouTube Downloader may have just created a monster…..
(Hopefully, the software I downloaded won’t screw up my computer 😛 )

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