Saint Patrick’s Day meets Sesame Street meets “Danny Boy”

I tried to find this version of “Danny Boy” (Garrett Morris, SNL, 03/18/78), but it’s behind a paywall at Hulu…

One of the reasons that I love Saint Patrick’s Day is because it gives me an excuse to listen to one of my all-time favorite songs, “Danny Boy“.

If there were ever any doubt about my ancestry (I’ve got some “Kelly” and “Carroll” in my family tree), the way that this tune makes me feel like I’ve “come home” puts that to rest – there is no denying that music from the British Isles is the kind of music that stirs my soul.

In putting this post together, I listened to a LOT of different versions of the song, and I ran across one that surprised me. You see, I’ve only ever known Bob McGrath as a performer on “Sesame Street” – I didn’t have a CLUE that he had such an amazing voice!

When I heard this version, I knew that I had found “the one” (I apologize for the video quality – the audio is pristine):


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2 Responses to Saint Patrick’s Day meets Sesame Street meets “Danny Boy”

  1. Imogene Pulleine says:

    St. Pat’s Day is the wedding anniversary of Catherine and Daryl. I would wager that he is the greater half of an Irish genealogy and she (and you) share several family names of Irish origin before settling in U.S.A.

    Years ago I bought a book indexing Ireland’s sirnames and origins. I was researching Fitzgerald sirname and found a fascinating history of a Peter Robinson sponsoring emigration to Toronto, Canada in 1825. This is John’s family. A couple of generations later his Grandfather Fitzgerald moved his family to Kansas, et cetera.

    I am still searching old files to determine if I have enough data entered in the genealogy software to complete the books I have chosen to work on at this time..


    • How cool!

      I know that we have Irish ancestry on my Mom’s side – my grandmother’s maiden name is Kelly, and my grandfather was a Carroll. All of my ancestors were from the British Isles; Paul’s families were from Germany (Koch) and France (Pichot).


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