“October” by Eric Whitacre

“Fall” in Texas doesn’t really start until mid-October most years.  Today, we’ve got a blustery wind blowing in, and the leaves are starting to swirl around.  The temperatures are getting nippy (for Texas), and the dogs want to be outside longer as the days get shorter.

I love this time of year.  Apparently musicians both classical and contemporary do, too – here is the hauntingly beautiful “October“, composed by Eric Whitacre.  Originally written for a wind orchestra, it translates beautifully to a string arrangement:

“October” (wind orchestral arrangement) is only available in the MP3 format.
(Mr. Whitacre has an amazing body of work; I just discovered him today….)

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A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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6 Responses to “October” by Eric Whitacre

  1. Bob says:

    That is beautiful! I love autumn too. No wonder it inspires such wonderful music.
    I first heard of Eric Whitacre when this video of his “virtual choir” was making the rounds on Facebook:


    • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX says:

      Neat! It doesn’t replicate the tone of all those bodies being in the same place at the same time – I suppose one of these days technology might come close.

      There is nothing like standing next to another singer and getting the immediate feedback of their voice and body reverberation,

      I was amazed to discover that Mr. Whitacre came to his love of classical music later than most – but my goodness, what a hidden talent that discovery unleashed…..

      I’ve already added his latest CD to my Christmas wish list. 😛


      • Bob says:

        I loved singing in choirs back in my youth. There’s just nothing like it. When I get to heaven I think I’m just gonna sing in choirs all day long.


      • Yeah – one of the effects of Myasthenia is that my muscles get tired out so quickly that I have to “budget” what I use my energy on.

        Even sitting down, singing wears me out. It’s the one thing that I really miss – I LOVE singing, and stuff like Mr. Whitacre’s is right in my wheelhouse.

        Paul misses it, too – I didn’t realize how much he liked hearing me sing.
        God better make me “first chair” when I get to Heaven, that’s all I’m sayin’….. :P.


  2. Fred says:

    Not sure what it is like in Texas but Autumn in the Northeast is special.
    Everything is red, orange and yellow…including my lawn!!


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