One Never Knows, Do One?

You know how sometimes you plan to do one thing, but you get into it and before you know it you find yourself going off in a completely different direction? Well, that happened to me yesterday.

I had planned on doing a post called “Two Guys Named Joe” (Wurtzelbacher vs. Soptic), but by yesterday afternoon, that story had already come and gone, so I didn’t want to expend any more energy on it.

I came up with the title of the post because it sounded kinda like “Five Guys Named Moe“, which then made me remember a live stage performance I saw on TV many, many years ago, which then reminded me of a really cute song called “Your Feet’s Too Big“.

As it turns out, that song – and the performance that I saw all those years ago – actually was from the Tony-award-winning Broadway show “Ain’t Misbehavin‘”, which aired on NBC in 1982 (and re-aired on Bravo in 1999).

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find that performance; unfortunately, there are no good copies of it available for purchase. YouTube is the ONLY place that I was able to find it.  It’s a real shame, too, because it is a wonderful show with lots and lots of great music, done by the original cast (Nell Carter, Andre Deshields, Armelia MacQueen, Ken PageCharlayne Woodard, and arranger/pianist Luther Henderson).

Here is the delightful Ken Page performing Fats Waller’s immortal “Your Feet’s Too Big” ( click on picture to see video – and definitely watch it on Full Screen Mode):

“You know, your pedal extremities are obnoxious….”

Wasn’t that fun?

If you have the time to invest, I highly recommend watching the YouTube videos that are available from this show – the music is fantastic, even if the video quality isn’t the best.  I’ve compiled all of the clips from AintMisbehavinFan in chronological order for you here:

Part 1 of 12 – “Ain’t Misbehavin”, “Lookin Good but Feelin Bad”, “‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business”
Part 2 of 12 – “Honeysuckle Rose”, “Squeeze Me”
Part 3 of 12 – “Handful of Keys”, “I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Fallin'”
Part 4 of 12 – “How Ya, Baby”, “Ladies Who Sing With The Band”, “Yacht Club Swing”
Part 5 of 12 – “When The Nylons Bloom Again”, “Cash for Your Trash”, “Off-Time”
Part 6 of 12 – “The Joint Is Jumpin”,”Spreadin’ Rhythm Around”,”Loungin’ at the Waldorf”
Part 7 of 12 – “The Viper’s Drag”
Part 8 of 12 – “Mean To Me”, “Your Feet’s Too Big”
Part 9 of 12 – “That Ain’t Right”, “Keepin’ Out Of Mischief”
Part 10 of 12 – “Find out What They Like”, “Fat And Greasy”
Part 11 of 12 – “Black And Blue”
Part 12 of 12 – “Finale”, “Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Reprise)”

You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon in either the CD or the MP3 format. I looked for a DVD copy, but it appears that NBC still owns the rights to the televised performance. I don’t know why it isn’t available for purchase; there may be copyright and/or estate issues that prevent them from releasing this show to the general public.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Have a great day – 😛

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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2 Responses to One Never Knows, Do One?

  1. pepelp2 says:

    I love Ain’t Misbehavin’!!! NBC put some Broadway shows on TV waaaay back when. They had this and something called Pump Boys and Dinettes???? Nell Carter’s voice is amazing. I’ve got the CD’s and have it on my Ipod.


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