Happy Independence Day to the World’s Newest Free Nation!


Sometimes, you really CAN learn new and interesting things late at night. Last night on one of the blogs that I frequent, a commenter who has been following the situation in South Sudan couldn’t hold in his excitement and elation at the prospect of a new, independent nation finally – after decades of terrible fighting – becoming a reality. It seems this commenter knows one of the freedom fighters personally, and holds him in very high regard. He feels that this soft-spoken person who cherishes the idea of religious freedom and national sovereignty could one day be instrumental in the new country’s government.

This new nation has been born of Christians in a predominantly Muslim land who have had enough of being repressed by a philosophy that doesn’t allow people to live free. The location couldn’t be more intimidating – they are literally surrounded on all sides by hostile forces. But there is a fire in the belly of the people of this nation, and it will be interesting to watch this fledgling nation start down a similar road to that which our forefathers trod over 200 years ago.

Here’s hoping that a long and beautiful friendship can be forged between our two nations, and that the liberties that we have enjoyed all these years – due in large part to the freedom inherent in Christianity – will be visited upon the peoples of South Sudan and their descendants.

Welcome to the world stage, South Sudan!


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