The more things change….


We are on our way to spend time with the extended family for the next few days. Paul’s family has a reunion/campout at Chalk Bluff Park (just north of Uvalde, Texas) every year.

There’s lots of fun stuff to do there; we’ve been going there so long that “traditions” have evolved. I never thought that something that I started a few years ago would make the cut…..

Michelle (along with every other young kid in our group) was forever wanting to go swim in the river RIGHT after breakfast – which, of course, meant BEFORE any of the grown-ups had a chance to take a bite.

So one year, in order to be able to get some food in my belly, I told her, “The river doesn’t open until 10:00.”

Much to my surprise, that strategy worked like a charm for YEARS, until the year that she got old enough to walk by herself to the office and ask them why the river didn’t open earlier. The folks in the office looked at her like she had grown two heads; she came back into camp spitting mad. Mom was BUSTED…..

We decided if she was old enough to figure out to ask that question, she was old enough to go down to the river without adult supervision.

“The river is closed” allowed many of Paul’s cousins to eat breakfast in peace for many years. All of the kids who “grew up” on that rule are now out of high school  (Michelle is about to turn 20); some of them even have kids of their own.  We haven’t used that rule in such a long time that I thought it had gone by the wayside.

But apparently, some things actually stick with kids; last year, I overheard one of those “kids” telling HER kids, “The river doesn’t open until 10:00.”

I guess she wanted to eat breakfast…..


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A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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4 Responses to The more things change….

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  2. Herr Morgenholz says:

    last year, I overheard one of those “kids” telling HER kids, “The river doesn’t open until 10:00.”

    *Sings “Tradition, Tradition!” from Fiddler on the Roof in his head*


  3. Imma gonna make plans to take the kidlets there, Teresa. It sure sounds awesome, and not far from me 🙂


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