Foodie Friday (A Day Early) – Golden Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets 1.
From time to time, I have to remind my daughters that there was actually a time when we didn’t have the Internet and instant access to any recipe under the sun – we had to rely on recipes passed down from our mothers and grandmothers, dog-eared cookbooks, the local newspaper’s weekly “Food” section, and ladies’ magazines (which can still be relied upon to provide several recipes each month for their readers).

Microwaves were still a fairly recent invention, and they were quite pricy; there was no such thing as a “microwavable” meal back then (and the few that were available tasted awful).  McDonald’s was just about the only national “fast food” chain around; there were a few regional chains, but most restaurants were local in nature.

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Tuesday Tunes – Theme from “Somewhere in Time”

Sometimes when you start exploring YouTube, you stumble across the most beautiful things – this song has special meaning for me, because “Somewhere in Time” was the first movie that Paul and I saw as a newly-married couple.

Our anniversary is later this week, so I thought this would make a nice trip down memory lane:


The gentleman playing this gorgeous arrangement of the theme from one of my all-time favorite movies is a young man from Croatia named Maxsim Mrvica. I had never heard of him before I saw this video, but I’m now a huge fan…

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Sunday Funnies: Is it plugged in? Try plugging it in…..

The following post originally appeared in August, 2011:

Many of you may remember my previous adventures in 21st-century technology.  Well, true to form, I’m continuing my downward spiral on what is looking to be a one-way ticket to the loony bin.

You see, we have a wedding anniversary coming up, and since I wasn’t blogging last year when our 30th came around, I thought I’d do something special for this one.  I wanted to incorporate some music into the mix, so a blog post wasn’t going to be quite enough.

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Happy Birthday, Michelle!


It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 23 years since we welcomed our second daughter into the world. Where has the time gone? Our little girl has grown into a beautiful young woman, but it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming her into the world.

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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Not my real parents – they don’t want their faces shown, so I got to pick a random picture of any old couple (That’ll teach ‘em…..)

On this day 55 years ago, my Mom and Dad tied the knot.
I’m glad they did, ‘cuz otherwise, I wouldn’t be here….

In honor of this occasion, I’d like to dedicate one of my favorite songs to these two crazy kids – “After All These Years” by Journey:

Happy Anniversary, you two – I’m so glad you are my parents ♥♥♥

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Tuesday Tunes: Dog Days of Summer

Dude – my beautiful wickedness is melting…..

Well, it’s gonna be another scorcher today, folks – then again, it’s August in Texas.  What’s a delicate little flower (that’d be ME, you guys….) supposed to do?

Ah, well – here’s some summertime music to soothe the savage breast. I’ve been staying indoors with the A/C turned down and the ceiling fans turned up….

Let’s start out “Old School” with a catchy little classic from Nat King Cole:


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It’s a Bouncing Baby….

Watermelon 3 - 43 lbs - 08.09.2014 - Cropped

“Big Bertha” – August 9, 2014; Length – 27.25 inches; Circumference – 32.25 inches; Weight- 43 lbs.


Back when Paul bought her, she was nothing more than a tiny little seedling. He cleared out the compost bin, planted it on one side, and then just kept watering for weeks and weeks and weeks (well, actually, Rebecca’s attendant, Miss Teresa, did most of the watering – she apparently likes to do that!).

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