Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Twenty-two years ago today, a spirited whirlwind of a girl blew into our lives:

Watch out, world – this one is loaded for bear…..

….and we have never been the same.  Where has all that time gone?

God has a wicked sense of humor – ask any family that has more than two kids, and they will tell you that the third kid threw them for a loop.  Just when you think you have the whole “parenting” thing figured out – you’re thinking you know everything there is to know about raising kids – the third one comes along, and you realize that you don’t have the first CLUE…..

By the time Sarah came along, we had been parents for 6 years.  Poor Sarah got the “leftovers” – we were a lot calmer about things, but we were also just plain tired.  Rachel was starting kindergarten and Michelle was only a year old, so Sarah got whatever energy we could muster up at the end of the day.

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Tuesday Tunes – “You and I”

Michael Buble, sexy and soulful – the boy can eat crackers in my bed any time.
(The lovely Mrs. Buble might have a problem with that…. :P )

Have a nice, relaxing day -

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Saying Goodbye – Two Years Later


The following is a reprint from August 25, 2012:

…..She had drawn her first breath; she quietly drew her last, with no farewell but one loving look, one little sigh.

With tears and prayers and tender hands, Mother and sisters made her ready for the long sleep that pain would never mar again, seeing with grateful eyes the beautiful serenity that soon replaced the pathetic patience that had wrung their hearts so long, and feeling with reverent joy that to their darlings death was a benignant angel, not a phantom full of dread.

When morning came, for the first time in many months the fire was out, [her] place was empty, and the room was very still. But a bird sang blithely on a budding bough, close by, the snowdrops blossomed freshly at the window, and the spring sunshine streamed in like a benediction over the placid face ….. a face so full of painless peace that those who loved it best smiled through their tears, and thanked God that [she] was well at last……

- from Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Patient and long-suffering, Lady put up with a lot….

The time finally came to let our beloved family pet, Lady, go. She had been with us for so long that it is hard to remember a time when she wasn’t here. She “grew up” with all of the girls – she was already part of our family when Rebecca was born.

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Sunday Funnies: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Back To School
This commercial came out in 1996 – the first time I saw it, I almost fell off of the couch, I was laughing so hard.

All these years later, it still makes me giggle :P


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The One and Only Gene Kelly

In honor of Gene Kelly’s birthday, I thought I would include some clips from several of my favorite movies of his through the years.

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Still Crazy (In Love) After All These Years

Thirty-four years ago today, two starry-eyed kids said “I do”….

To my wonderful husband, Paul – thank you for all of the special memories, and for making me so incredibly happy.

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Foodie Friday (A Day Early) – Golden Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets 1.
From time to time, I have to remind my daughters that there was actually a time when we didn’t have the Internet and instant access to any recipe under the sun – we had to rely on recipes passed down from our mothers and grandmothers, dog-eared cookbooks, the local newspaper’s weekly “Food” section, and ladies’ magazines (which can still be relied upon to provide several recipes each month for their readers).

Microwaves were still a fairly recent invention, and they were quite pricy; there was no such thing as a “microwavable” meal back then (and the few that were available tasted awful).  McDonald’s was just about the only national “fast food” chain around; there were a few regional chains, but most restaurants were local in nature.

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