Tuesday Tunes – “Claire de Lune”

Claire de Lune 2.

If you ever have a stressful day, this tune is a wonderful tonic…

This is a lovely arrangement of Claude Debussy’s hauntingly beautiful “Claire de Lune” performed on a 10-string guitar – I heard a version of this on the “Falling Skies” episode titled “Young Bloods”. I don’t know if this is the one that was used in the show***, but it’s close enough.

I have only ever heard this done as a piano solo or in a symphonic setting, so this was quite a treat:

That is Vincent Macaluso playing “Clair De Lune” in the early 1970’s with an Oribe Brazilian and redwood 10-string, built especially for him (the tuning was: 7th. = D, 8th. = B, 9th. = G, 10th= F#; and no, I haven’t the first clue….).  He transcribed Debussy’s arrangement so that it could be played on the 10-string guitar.  Sadly, Mr. Macaluso  passed away in May of 2012.

The album “Ten-String Spectacular” is available in CD and MP3 formats; this version of “Claire de Lune” is also available as a stand-alone MP3 selection.

***According to someone in the “Comments” section at the YouTube video, the version heard on “Falling Skies” is not Mr. Macaluso’s rendition; rather, it appears to be from a recording made by Angel Romero in 1987.  There is not a YouTube video of his version, but it is available as an MP3 stand-alone through Amazon.

Interestingly enough, when Mr. Macaluso was in his late teens, he studied guitar under the tutelage of Mr. Romero’s father, Celedonio Romero.  Small world, huh?

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