Foodie Friday Saturday – Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob


Okay, so one day we had some leftover corn on the cob….


Bacon 1 - 07.04.14


….and some bacon….


Bacon 2 - 07.04.14


…..and I looked at the two of them, and they looked at me, and I said, “Why not?”


Bacon 3 - 07.04.14



And Paul said, “This is really, really, really great!  How soon can you make it again?”


Bacon 5 - 07.04.14


God Bless America….. 😀


Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob, shucked – can use fresh, frozen (be sure to unthaw first!), or leftover cobs
Bacon – plan on at least 4 strips per each full cob (you know the rules: more is always better when it comes to bacon…..).  You can use regular or thick-cut bacon.
Toothpicks – Very important!!!!!

Preheat oven to 425F.
Wrap each ear of corn completely with bacon, secure ends of bacon with toothpicks to keep from falling off during cooking.
Place in shallow lipped pan (a jelly roll pan works really well for this)
Bake at 425F until bacon is completely cooked (45 minutes – 1 hour), turning once halfway through.

These can probably be grilled, as well; I just like to bake them because the little niblets are able to absorb all of the bacon grease while cooking, which makes this dish extra decadent….

Bacon 4 - 07.04.14

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