Redistribution, Veterans’ Style

Love, love, LOVE this picture of a veteran who decided to take one of the Barrycades and deposit it at the White House:

Taking a Barrycade to the White House lawn during the Million Vet March - 10.13.2013 - 600X800.
I’m sure the IRS will be showing up on his doorstep any day now…..

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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1 Response to Redistribution, Veterans’ Style

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, as did nearly all the photographs and video from yesterday’s rally. I’ve only been to DC twice in my life (both times for pro-life events) and didn’t care for the place much, but I wish I could have been there yesterday!


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