This is Cool – “Libertango” by the Swingle Singers

I’m always intrigued by the ingenuity of human beings – having been in choirs virtually all my life, one of the things that I am in awe of is really well-done a cappella music. The Swingle Singers – while the faces/voices may change as the years go by – have consistently continued to amaze with their vocal gymnastics:


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3 Responses to This is Cool – “Libertango” by the Swingle Singers

  1. That was simply amazing. I have to admit, I miss dancing the tango 🙂


    • I bet you were good at it – Paul HATES dancing of any kind; actually having to take a class to learn “fancy steps” would be a bridge too far for him, I’m afraid 😛


    • I know what you mean about “missing” something – I used to love singing this group’s arrangements (I was always the “high” voice doing the gymnastics – I have no vibrato whatsoever; for whatever reason, my voice just never “did” that).

      Too hard to sing these days – uses up precious muscle “juice” way too quickly; Paul is always saying he misses hearing me sing, so I guess I must have been OK at it……


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