Howard Dean (D) Admits That “Single-Payer” Is Never Going to Work

Now, mind you, that isn’t what he MEANT to say, but in this interview on today’s “Morning Joe“, that is EXACTLY what he said – without realizing it:


“First off all, in fairness, you have to blame Republicans for some of this because they delayed everything they possibly could, threw as many monkey wrenches into the process as they could…..”

“Partly, I have to say, they [the Federal Government] had to do that because the Republican governors refused to accept exchanges….”

What Mr. Dean fails to acknowledge here is that the Republican governors of those states did exactly what the Obamacare legislation allows them to do.

These states didn’t “refuse to accept exchanges”, they merely chose not to accept a bribe money from the Federal Government to set up their own individual state exchanges.  They decided to put the onus of responsibility on the Federal Government to set up these exchanges – which is their right, according to the law.

Constitution 3.
Since Mr. Dean is oh-so-concerned about “fairness”, I’m sure that he will agree that the fact that Democrats didn’t think that this was what would happen when they wrote this bill is not the fault of Republicans.

I am also sure that Mr. Dean will agree – “in fairness” – that since Democrats didn’t allow any Republicans to be involved in the drafting of this legislation, they [Democrats] now have no one to blame for this oversight but themselves.

From the Supreme Court ruling in regards to Obamacare:

(c) The constitutional violation is fully remedied by precluding the Secretary from applying §1396c to withdraw existing Medicaid funds for failure to comply with the requirements set out in the expansion. (See §1303). The other provisions of the Affordable Care Act are not affected.

Congress would have wanted the rest of the Act to stand, had it known that States would have a genuine choice whether to participate in the Medicaid expansion. (Pp. 55–58).  – NFIB ET AL. v. SEBELIUS, SECRETARY OF HHS, ET AL. (p.5)

Anyone who read the language of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare with regards to individual states’ rights could have predicted – and many people did – that this was what would happen.

“In fairness”, given that Obamacare was passed with NO Republican votes in either the House or the Senate, what “Congress would have wanted” – as written in the SCOTUS decision – refers ONLY to what Democrats in Congress wanted.

No, Mr. Dean, the “fault” lies in the shoddy work done by a group of people who were so Hell-bent on shoving their pet legislation through that they didn’t take the time to look for all of the possible pitfalls which were there for anyone with a modicum of common sense to see.

Mr. Dean goes on to say:

“The problem is they [the Federal Government] shouldn’t have done a single-size-fits-all for the 36 states…..”

And here is where the Democrats’ “argument” for Single-Payer Health CareTM completely falls apart.

Mr. Dean is admitting that the Federal Government CANNOT HANDLE health care the insurance exchanges for the small number of people in each of these 36 states who don’t already have and/or can’t afford health care insurance.

If the Federal Government can’t deliver health care insurance to this small number of people in just 36 states – they’re hoping to convince/coerce 7 million of the estimated 30-50 million people in the country “without” health care insurance to sign up in the next 5 months – why on Earth should the American public believe that the Federal Government can deliver health care insurance to over 300 million people in all 50 states?

By all accounts, they’ve managed so far to sign up…..practically nobody.

. 1a

But, never fear – Mr. Dean assured his interviewers that all is well:

Dean went on to downplay the problems facing the websites, saying the glitches are “not big.”

Well, in a way, he’s right – these “glitches” aren’t big at all….

….they’re insurmountable.

Titanic Sinking 2.

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4 Responses to Howard Dean (D) Admits That “Single-Payer” Is Never Going to Work

  1. The Democrats’ attempts to blame this whole debacle on Republicans are so crazy that you wonder how they can say stuff like that with a straight face.


  2. gerry says:

    If you going to the trouble to use courtesy titles, you might use the correct one. It’s Dr. Dean.


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