So Much For “Patient Privacy”…….

The Obama Administration has been getting hammered recently for their lack of preparation in the lead-up to the “official” roll-out of The Great and Powerful Obamacare on January 1, 2014.

A mere 100 days before people are supposed to start signing up to be in the government exchanges, the administration finally decided it might be time to put up a hotline for people to get more information about what it’s all about, and what they need to do.

Wanting to be helpful (no, really – I just wanted to see how efficiently my tax dollars are being used; being a pest was merely a happy little added benefit), I decided to give the folks at the hotline a call (1-800-318-2596) and see just how much help they were going to be to the unsuspecting Low Information Voter (LIV) who decided they wanted to throw some extra money the government’s way (remember, the Supreme Court said that the government cannot force the citizenry to purchase ANYTHING).

Whoo boy.

Let me just start out by saying that if the young ladies I spoke with are any indication, Obamacare is one big implosion just waiting to happen.

There are currently 30-35 states (out of 50) who took the SCOTUS at their word, and chose not to “take advantage” of the government’s poison pill for setting up their own exchanges.  So Obama’s team gets to set up exchanges in those 30-35 states (have fun with that, m’kay guys?).

Guess who has no idea who is going to be running the exchanges in those states?  Or how much a basic policy is going to cost?  Or who is going to be paying the difference between the amount a “low-income” person will have to pay and the cost of the policy? (I neglected to point out that any exchange run by the federal government will not be eligible for the subsidies promised by the President and Congress, as expressly written in the bill – didn’t want anyone’s head to explode)

The first young lady told me that “nobody” has to pay that difference – the insurance company would be paying it.  When I tried to explain to her that the insurance company most definitely DOES NOT pay for a person’s policy, she tried her best to convince me that oh, yes, they do……

These people have no idea what a bare bones policy will cost – only that there will be a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level of coverage.  They don’t know what the deductibles are going to be, nor do they know what the co-pays will be.  They have no idea how much of a percentage of a family’s income will be required to be shelled out for a policy premium – even though it is spelled out in black and white in the original legislation.

(She helpfully informed me that the insurance company had to pay “80/20”, but I had to inform her that the number she was quoting – per what I can only guess she was reading verbatim off of the screen in front of her – referred to the amount that had to be paid out by the company in health care costs vs. administrative costs, and had nothing to do with the cost of individual policies whatsoever).

I guess I flustered the first sweet young thing too much with my desire for explicit answers, because I was asked if I wanted to speak to an “escalation specialist” – I guess that’s the new customer-friendly term for a supervisor.

I said sure, and she asked when would be a good time for “The Escalator” to call me back.

I said I would just wait on the line – I didn’t trust them to “get back to me” otherwise.

Apparently that wasn’t something Obamabette was expecting to hear – she said “Wait a minute”, put me on hold…….and then I got disconnected.

So I called back.

I got a different Obamabette, who wasn’t any more help than the first one, but interestingly enough, she saw on her screen that I had already called in once before, and that The Escalators were scheduled to call me back – she said I should hear back from them within 2-5 business days (good thing I didn’t need a lung transplant).

She even started to call me by name – before correcting herself and calling me Ma’am.

There’s just one problem.

When Obamabette #1 asked me for my phone number, I told her I didn’t want to give it out.  I never gave her my name, either. So there should have been no way of anyone knowing anything about that first phone call when I called back the second time.

When pressed, it turned out that Obamabette #2 knew not only my name (and phone number), she knew my husband’s name as well – she even tried to tell me that perhaps my husband had also called earlier, and maybe he was the one who gave them that information.  Which he most definitely did not do, seeing as he WORKS FOR A LIVING, and therefore doesn’t deal with stuff like this (that’s my job).

When I asked her how they had gotten access to my personal information, she couldn’t give me a good explanation.

When I asked her why my information wasn’t kept private – per my explicit request – she couldn’t give me a good explanation either.

When I mentioned that a citizen might have grounds for a privacy lawsuit in light of this information, she sounded taken aback.

When I said that maybe all of the stuff that’s been reported in the media about Big Brother snooping on all of us has some merit, she got really quiet…….

Mind you, I don’t fault her for this – she’s just an entry-level employee; what bothers me is that if our government wants to make life difficult for people who are asking “inconvenient” questions, all some employee would have to do is to flag a call like mine for “further review”.

We can’t have any troublemakers in Obama’s land of Skittles and unicorns, now can we?

What happens if they look further into such an inquiry?

Will someone like me be denied coverage – even though they “promised” me that I wouldn’t be – for being obese?  For having high blood pressure?  For having high cholesterol?  For having Celiac Disease?  For having Myasthenia Gravis?

What about for voting Republican?  For supporting the Tea Party? For sending contributions to a conservative candidate’s campaign?

Will they deny my youngest daughter coverage because I didn’t have any prenatal testing done – which would have revealed her Down syndrome – and gave birth to a child who is going to be a “burden” on their system (which, I might add, we pay into quite handsomely each year)?

When I was asked for my phone number in my first call, I SPECIFICALLY stated that I did not want to give it out; I also made quite sure never to give them my name.

And yet, they had all of that information in front of them, and passed it along in a file to a supervisor.

One wonders what other information was on that computer screen – and just how they plan on using it in the future.

But no worries – The Administration promises that all of your data will be perfectly safe, and that no one will have access to your personal information unless you want them to.



[Update 06/26/2103]: The “Escalation Specialist” contacted me today – he was very courteous, and wanted to be helpful, but about the only information he could give me was to tell me to look on the Government’s website.  They still don’t know how much these policies are going to cost; he had no idea if any “cost-sharing” was going to take place in the states which aren’t setting up their own marketplace (and the “marketplace” policies are only available to low-income users); he didn’t know who would be paying the balance of the “cost-sharing”; and he had no idea what the percentage breakdowns were for co-pays on the 4 different levels of policy.

He also seemed taken aback when I pointed out to him that it was going to be much, much cheaper to pay the “fee” (they aren’t even calling it a “fine” anymore) for not purchasing health insurance, especially in light of the fact that BY LAW all ERs are required to treat anyone who walks through their doors.

He could not tell me if the “cost-sharing” was going to be in the form of a straight-up reduced-cost policy, or if it was going to be doled out as a tax credit at the end of the year (for those who actually file taxes).  My guess is that anyone who makes below a certain amount will be getting money back, whether they purchase a “policy” or not – in other words, a redistribution of others’ wealth.

About Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

A short, fat, over-the-hill, happily-married mother of 4 daughters. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....
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77 Responses to So Much For “Patient Privacy”…….

  1. Well, how sad is it that I am not shocked or surprised by any of this?


    • Yeah – I wasn’t, either. Amazingly enough, the only “help” that the gals at the helpline could give me was to refer me to the site for more information – but both of them said that there weren’t going to be any “specifics” at the site for what was available to people who were eligible for the (non-existent) subsidies in Texas.

      I don’t know how people are supposed to work out their family budgets without some cold hard numbers to work with, but I was assured by both young ladies that there would be “Plenty” of people in place (“How many is ‘plenty’?” “Plenty”, they assured me) when Obamacare rolls out. And they both said that “they” would have cost data available and companies set up by October.

      They’ve had 3 YEARS to set everything up, they don’t know what’s going on, but they will definitely have everything in place in less than 100 days. Yeah, right.


      People in a whole lot of states are going to be in for a nasty shock come January 1st of next year – maybe it will translate to some much-needed votes in 2014.


  2. becky fuller says:

    Most excellent post! I am honestly terrified for the future of this great country. “Toto, I don’t think we r in America anymore.” Scarey thoughts.


  3. With your phone call you performed a major public service in stellar fashion. Now we have confirmed what we knew we knew. They have everything. Bet they have your prescription list for your whole family including the cough syrup last prescribed for your youngest.

    Really scary? Newt Gingrich has been advocating for all medical records to be online for years, not just during the presidential race.


    • If they don’t have everything now, they soon will have it.

      I’ve already told my doctors that I don’t want my information being passed along to the government – it’s none of their business what I do with my body…..


      • LeeAnn says:

        I’ve told my doctors the same thing, Teresa. However, I was told by the staff that it’s ultimately not up to them.

        If the grabberment puts laws in place dictating the digitization and transmittal of all medical records, then they have to comply.


      • Then it’s time for us citizens to file a class action lawsuit against the government.

        If they aren’t providing our medical care (which “they” aren’t), they have absolutely no reason to have our private medical information.

        MY BODY ISN’T THEIR BUSINESS (abortion rights, anyone?), and the FEDERAL government should be made to show a compelling reason why they need that information (and I can think of no reason why they would).


  4. roamingfirehydrant says:

    What are the odds on whether they actually call you back?


  5. David says:

    Whenever I call ANY “gummint bureaucrappy” and do not want to leave my name or receive a callback, I use a burner phone with caller ID blocking enabled. It’s not perfect, but any barriers I can place between me and a “gummint bureaucrap” are Good Things.


  6. Fallon says:

    I’m not surprised at all. When I call for pizza (even a new place), they immediately know my address and name. Um, no, Ms. Sebelius, I don’t order pizza “all the time”. Uh, oh…


  7. Teresa – when you call a toll-free number your phone number is automatically transmitted by the phone company to the person you are calling. This is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and it’s not possible to block using *67 or other privacy options. Here’s a good explanation of ANI:

    Now as to how they knew who you were. Once they have your phone number, assuming your number is listed in the phone book, a simple reverse lookup reveals your name, and address. Even if your number isn’t listed, there are services (public records) which can correlate your number to an address, if for example you’ve ever given it to a magazine or supermarket.

    Next, with your name and address they can query a company called Lexis-Nexis for a people lookup. You would be amazed (and truly appalled) at the amount of information this company has on every person in America. They have your social security number, your medical history, your credit history, your driving record, your past addresses, your spouse(s), children, criminal convictions, etc, etc, etc.

    And gathering all of that info is perfectly legal.


    • “Big Brother”, indeed – and of course, as we have seen in the past, our benevolent government will only use their powers for good……


    • David says:

      Even “America’s third world county” (my place of residence) has ALL properties on a searchable (by 911 address, plat, owner’s name, etc.) online map, complete with aerial views, downloadable pdf file that includes ALL property descriptions, owners and contact info, etc. Of course, that’s just one (of many) reasons more and more folks around here are placing their real property in revocable trusts, with all contact info directed to the trust, which is generally buffered from the public via an attorney’s office. . . As for the ANI matter: another good reason for using “burner” phones to make contact with such agencies. The best that can be done there is location of the nearest cell tower (which is also why I usually make such calls from burner phones when I’m out and about). Again, it’s not a perfect solution, but anything that makes bureaucraps’ jobs more difficult is cake. is just one reason to make bureaucraps’ jobs as difficult as possible. The overwhelming likelihood of contacting either a Type 2 Bureaucrat (who qualifies in my estimation as a “bureaucrap”) or one who is under a Type 2 Bureaucrat’s thumb approaches 1-1.


      • John Morris says:

        Unless you are very careful a ‘burner phone’ is a waste of money. Do you always remember to turn it off when you are near your home or work? Do you always turn your known cell off AND travel before powering up the burner? The cell network logs location with spatial resolution varying between a hundred and a few hundred feet and temporal resolution of about a minute. In this era of massive data and equally massive computing capability it wouldn’t be very hard at all to work out the connection between the disposable phone/sim and the owner.

        And just the power off of one and the power up of the other is a pretty detectable pattern itself if you do it very often, and if you aren’t using it often the base monthy expense of having a live sim isn’t zero. Face it, we traded being lojacked for the dubious convience of having a cell phone in our pocket.


      • David says:

        (Well, apparently I can’t reply directly to John Morris’ cavils about the use of a burner phone, so I’ll reply to myself, I guess.)

        Sort of on target in noting problems for those who have no clue about using a phone for improved (not perfect, by any means) privacy.

        1. NEVER “register” a “burner” (cheap, “pay” by minutes card bought with cash).
        2. ALWAYS keep it off (and preferably with the battery out) when not making a call.
        3. NEVER receive calls on the phone or
        4. Use it to connect to the Internet, etc..
        5. Never use it near one’s work, home, etc. (already mentioned above)
        6. IOW, use some basic common sense. IMO, none of the things mentioned as essentially making a burner “a waste of money” are anything that wouldn’t automatically occur to anyone smarter than a bag of hammers. . . occur to and be dealt with.


    • LJ says:

      Exactly. And so what is the point of asking you your name and number? Stupidity on the part of their ‘script’ writer? Possibly. Or maybe whether or not you volunteered that info (or gave fake info) is noted in your file. And what sort of uestions you asked, and your general attitude. Just for quality control purposes, ya know… Nothing to see here, move along.


      • It’s probably harmless, but as we all know, things that start out for a perfectly innocuous reason can ALWAYS be turned into something that can be used as leverage against a person later on. Happens more often than people realize –


    • John Fembup says:

      “gathering all of that info is perfectly legal.”

      That’s one of the problems of giving government new powers. Sometimes governments do need new powers to perform legitimate functions. But – once created – the powers can often be used to do things no one expected. And when ethically-challenged people are in charge (and what government does not have its share of such people?) we get abuses that are always justified as “perfectly legal.”

      And that is exactly why the people should be fearful – not trusting – of expanding government powers. We should also be fearful – not trusting – of our elected officials who always seem to want more power.


      • But remember, the NSA/CIA/FBI/Obama Organizing For America/etc. is doing nothing wrong gathering all of that information.

        And Obama can’t be bothered to make phone calls to foreign leaders (who will derisively laugh in his face)/scramble any jets for a 29-year-old hacker.

        (He could, however, “scramble some jets” to try and get the Olympics for Chicago)


  8. Creeped Out says:

    This frightens me so much. We are prisoners in our own country. If they ever do build that fence they’re always yakking about it will most likely be to keep us in.


    • No reason to be scared as I see it – we just need to know what is going on, and ensure that the government understands that their power comes from “We The People”. They aren’t allowed to invade our privacy, and we need to keep reminding them of that fact.

      The HIPAA laws are there for OUR protection, not for a government agency to use as a cudgel against us. They need to know that they are going to be held to the same standards as everyone else.


      • The problem comes when Government checks and balances no longer check and balance. We’re there. The “Government” needn’t understand anything they refuse to understand.

        Trying to vote those out of office who have obliterated the checks and balances, and in doing so willingly allowed their duties and obligations turned over to Presidential whim, doesn’t work. This gives Democrats huge power and their base likes it.


      • John Fembup says:

        Teresa in Fort Worth, you express some admirable ideas but give no reason why anything you suggest can actually happen.

        1. “we just need to know what is going on” And who’s gonna tell you? The same people who are trying to keep you from knowing? That’s gonna work.

        2. “ensure that the government understands that their power comes from “We The People”. Who’s gonna make that happen? The same ones in power now who show nothing but contempt for the people?

        3. “They aren’t allowed to invade our privacy” Sez who? The law? The people in charge now have demonstrated their contempt for the law. Why will they decide to do any different?

        4. “we need to keep reminding them” Remind them? Because they pay so much attention to the people already? Yeah, sure.

        5. “The HIPAA laws are there for OUR protection, not for a government agency to use as a cudgel against us.” Once any law is enacted Teresa in Fort Worth, the government can use it for their own purposes. (That’s the point of my earlier comment above) I mean, whos’ gonna stop them?

        6. “They need to know that they are going to be held to the same standards as everyone else” You think if they know that, it will somehowchange the behavior of these people? Yeah right. A bloomin miracle.

        Teresa in Fort Worth, I hope you have actually read this far. So I also hope you aren’t drawing the wrong conclusions. I agree with all you’ve said. I just think you have not a single clue how anything you suggest can actually happen.


      • I did read that far, John, and yes, all that I have said is sadly, for the most part going to be rhetorical.

        But if enough of us agree to “Agitate” against what is happening, we might just be able to raise some awareness. I am sure that the kids who are in charge of the media don’t want the government to have access to all of their private information – after all, there were tons of them willing to work for Ron Paul.

        Just think of it as “itching powder” – set it under their thinking caps, and let it go to work…..


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  10. mcnorman says:

    Reblogged this on Mcnorman's Weblog and commented:
    Be afraid, be very afraid.


  11. They want to make it as hard as possible for people to take care of their own lives. They don’t outright ban it, they just make it hard to do it yourself, and easier (and subsidized) to let someone else take care of it for them.

    A free people is a threat to their power. Those who are dependent on the government or government approved mega-corporations ARE NOT FREE.

    This will not end well


    • Oh, I dunno – technically, they can’t require us to purchase insurance, and the worst they can do if we refuse to pay the “fee” is to write us a sternly-worded letter.

      I’m sure there are plenty of smart folks out there who can figure a way around the system (on both ends) – barter chickens for some cheap meds, for example.

      Civil disobedience might be the next thing on the Tea Party agenda……


  12. ChrisP says:

    Well done! Well well…


  13. Brown Line says:

    I worked in the telephone routing business. Commercial vendors will, for a few cents, translate your ANI into huge amount of information about you: your name, address, spouse’s name, number of children, number of children living at home, their age ranges, the number of cars you own, the credit cards you possess (though not their numbers); and based on your ZIP+4, data from the US Census Bureau gives the median income of your locale, the ethnic breakdown, the percentage of people who are college educated, the breakdown by profession; and more. Businesses do this all the time, and it surprises me not at all that the government does it. As for tracking campaign donations, the government already has those data in the FEC database: draw your own conclusions.

    POTS phones (i.e., phones plugged into the wall) are easiest to translate into data; cell phones are harder, but not impossible; but a burner phone or two that you purchased with cash is a very good idea.

    One point of information, though: the agency promised not to share your information – and they didn’t, in the sense that they didn’t export it to another entity. (Though if they did, how would you know?) But they did store it in their own database, for their own use.


  14. bikermailman says:

    Rush had a caller a couple of weeks ago who had started a business selling an aggregation of utterly public information to businesses. I call ABC Widget Company, and before they pick up, they have scads of information on me, from searchable public sources.

    BTW Teresa, my folks are in your area, and my dad participates in the local Tea Party (completely awful and according to Dems, terroristic) activities. Am passing your story on to them, so in can be shared with the Teaorrists. They happen to be one of the bigger groups in the country.


    • Thanks about the info on the local Tea Party – I think I’m on their mailing list; can’t make the meetings due to the Myasthenia (I tire really easily), but I’m always willing to toss some $$$ for a good cause (can’t make phone calls either – wears out my jaw muscles pretty quickly).


      • bikermailman says:

        It’s the Southlake group. No point in being sly, there’s enough out there that being sneaky at this point is closing the barn door and all that. They apparently have a huge membership and mailing list. You had great insight doing these calls, good information for people to know. Other than us political junkies, that is.


      • Ah – I’m in touch with the Tarrant County Tea Party folks. I can believe that the Southlake group is quite large and successful!


  15. mhjhnsn says:

    The exchanges aren’t actually in operation until Oct 1 and most places (States for sure, Feds I suppose where they have to run it) are still taking bids from insurance companies, so no one knows any policy details. What the situation wil be on Oct 1 when you supposedly can call and get a policy effective January 1, is anyone’s guess.

    As for your peronal info, it may just be Caller ID linked to a database… it sees the number you’re calling from and that ID’s your name and general location, database can then match address exactly (Basically a computerized reverse directory) and from there they can get just about everything they likely seemed to have, and pop it up on teh agent’s screen in a few seconds.

    And with a little help from a few companies (voluntary or compelled) and disrespect for your privacy, they can REALLY get everything.


    • And with a little help from a few companies (voluntary or compelled) and disrespect for your privacy, they can REALLY get everything.

      Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!!!!!! 😛


    • What the situation wil be on Oct 1 when you supposedly can call and get a policy effective January 1, is anyone’s guess.

      If you don’t qualify for the subsidy/cost-sharing/tax credit, you can’t even do that – these folks only have information on the policies which are going to be available “through the government”.


  16. He also seemed taken aback when I pointed out to him that it was going to be much, much cheaper to pay the “fee” (they aren’t even calling it a “fine” anymore) for not purchasing health insurance, especially in light of the fact that BY LAW all ERs are required to treat anyone who walks through their doors.

    It's actually even cheaper to not pay the fee either, since there is no enforcement provision in the code (other than possibly witholding any tax refund you may have coming.)

    Unfortunately, though ERs are required to treat you, they will send you the bill, which when not paid will ding your credit and so forth. An alternative form of i.d. may be recommended in these cases.


    • Yep – and those of us who are smart enough to have read the bill (AND the SCOTUS decision) know that, and will, I am sure, take full advantage of that knowledge when making their health “care” decisions.

      Then again, the only people who are going to qualify for these subsidies/cost-sharing are the LIVs who aren’t going to have taken the time to read any of that stuff in the first place.


  17. MJ says:

    I can explain how your phone number, name, and address were available to the call center if you’d like. I have a bit of experience with this so just leave me a message at the H2.


    • KN says:

      Well written. I’d like to remind people of another point that wasn’t directly stated. This is our tax dollars at work. These people are being paid to, apparently, do nothing other than redirect calls to the gov websites.

      Fraud, Waste and Abuse.


      • That was the thing that made me the maddest – knowing that these people basically aren’t anything more than a (useless) middle man/weigh station.

        Just another level of bureaucracy that people get to wade through to get answers (and most people are going to give up LONG before they get any useful answers).


    • Heh – it’s always the short ones….. 😛 (luv ya, darlin’!)

      Actually, I just wanted to jerk her chain a little bit – if I’m gonna have to pay for this nonsense, I might as well get a little enjoyment out of it….


  18. bobbymike says:

    Although this comment is not that insightful – computers originally the source of great personal freedom will become the source of our ‘imprisonment’

    Just like in prison you will be under constant supervision and monitoring


    • It’s actually quite insightful.

      Just think about all of those people running around who “can’t live without” their electronic tethers – the real “Zombie Apocalypse” is going to happen if the communication grids get taken out 😛


  19. JeanQueenie says:

    My Doctor’s office now takes digital pic of all patients’ faces. (Since last year. Because they “have to.”) I suspect that Big Brother’s biometric database is being expanded.

    It just seems creepy, especially since they *already had* a copy of my driver’s license.

    Can anyone here put me some knowledge?


    • Tell them “No”.

      They may “have to” get your picture, but you are not required to let them have it.

      Tell them that you will put a note saying just that in your file (I’ve done that when I’ve refused to take medication which was “recommended” for me, along with a lengthy explanation of why I am not going to take it, along with copious published medical research papers to back me up).

      If the government “has to” have your picture, tell them they can see it every time you go to cast your vote 😛


  20. logprof says:

    Is that Prez from The Wire in the last picture?

    “Listen Carefully.” 😉


  21. JeanQueenie says:

    Too late–the troll behind the counter had taken it as I was saying “no.”

    I was wondering if anyone else’s dr. is also doing this, and whether it’s part of zerocare?


    • Then demand to see your records, get the file in your hands, open it up, remove the picture, and tell them that they are not getting it back, and if they ever try to take your picture again without your permission they can speak with your attorney.

      Let them try to justify why you aren’t allowed to do that.


      • More importantly, make them justify to you why THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs your picture in a medical file, if they don’t think it’s important enough for them to need it when you go to vote.

        I would think that only one of those situations would require the government to be able to verify you are who you say you are (and it ain’t when you’re asked to open up and say “Ahhhh”)…..


  22. Maybe I'm being naive but it was my understanding that congress is the one who is responsible for the tax codes. In any event IRS employees would be more successful if they wrote a simple code taxing ALL income equally instead of trying to play favorites says:

    I was listening to Rush the other day when I heard this guy call in saying that he had a business that anyone can subscribe to get service. The service he offers is complete identification of ANYONE who calls you. They set up a screen on your desk near yoour phone and when an incoming call is sensed by the equiptment it does an instant search of that number and the information is displayed on a screen even BEFORE the telephone rings. Depending on how much depth in a search you are willing to pay for the screen will display all personal information like name, sex, age, children, spouse, address how long at this address how long married, names of children and ages, where employed, for how long, criminal record, driving record, DUIs ad infinitum, And all this information is displayed BEFORE the your phone rings. There is no privacy anymore.


  23. Keith says:

    I wonder what would happen if everybody called them with the same set of questions – all at the same time. Maybe we can schedule it – say noon on August 1st. They should be ready, as you mentioned, they’ve had 3 years to prepare.


    • Oh, I’m hoping people will just start calling and keep calling them with questions like this. I’m pretty sure their phones aren’t ringing off the walls – after all, a huge number of the uninsured don’t have a clue that they are “required” to purchase health insurance starting in 2014.


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  25. Bite me says:

    This is pathetic. Enjoy tea-bagging yourselves. Folks are saying they are worried about the future of this great country… I am too… Only I am worried because it is idiots like yourselves who will one day be in charge.

    How about you poke your head out from under that immense blanket of fear Fox News and Glenn Beck, and all the other morons who claim they are “fair and balanced” when they are anything but that, gave you and wake up! It was THE REPUBLICANS who inflicted this “big brother” thing on all of us… REMEMBER???? The PATRIOT ACT??? DUH!!!!

    You people make me sick. You are so STUPID you can’t even remember recent history!

    To the Blog owner’s Mom, I apologize if these words hurt your sweet-ums of a daughter. It’s not your fault she’s bought into the group think that the big, bad Obama is somehow taking all of her rights to privacy, and whatever else her feeble, unthinking mind is hearing on Fox News, and from that pain-pill sucking semi-human slug that is Rush Limbaugh. She apparently has brain damage, as it was her guy who foisted this upon us in The first place.

    I imagine she’s a bit to old for this, but she might need to be grounded from watching TV and hanging around with her equally stupid friends.


    • Dude.

      You really don’t want to rile up a Southern momma…..

      I’m gonna go stand waaaaay over there ========>


    • And FWIW, I don’t watch FOX News or listen to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

      I’m perfectly capable of reading the news on my own and analyzing it (I studied Engineering; “analyzing” something all the way through to failure – and then designing to avoid those failures – is what they do, all day, every day).

      I didn’t get to be Valedictorian of my high school class just because of my good looks….


  26. chester arthur says:

    With the age of electronic medical records and their definite perusal by the IRS,NSA,and obama’s minions,this is simply the end of real medical records.Nobody will be honest when questioned by their doctor,unless the doctor is willing to set up 2 sets of records,one for the enemies of privacy,and the other just between the doctor and patient,preferably in paper files hidden away.Unintended consequences will be the main result of obamacare in general,but in medical records very specifically.


  27. Hmmph. They can’t get what I don’t have. I have no income at all, no job (Been diligently looking for over a year now inn the :”Wonderful economic job market we have in Texas, where jobs are “overflowing”). If I don’t have any money to get, they can’t collect a fee. If they physically come for the fee, they not gonna like the results.


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