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Musical Merriment

Heard this on my local radio station yesterday, and HAD to share it! A Motown tribute to Nickelback:

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Handing over the Reins

November 15, 2011 To all of the families and friends of the Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant County: Effective immediately, ******** will be taking over the position of New Parent Packet Coordinator; while it may come as a surprise to … Continue reading

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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks…..

Our longtime friend Jack is always sending along helpful tips to us “youngsters” (he recently turned 75).  Since Paul just purchased a new Glock, Jack found this helpful video and sent it to us in an e-mail with the following … Continue reading

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The Lovely 10%: The happiest members of a movement you won’t hear about on the news

As many of you know, our youngest daughter, Rebecca, was born with Down syndrome.  When we found out that we were (surprise!) expecting a fourth child, we made a conscious  decision NOT to have certain prenatal tests done.  I will freely admit that … Continue reading

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