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If Wishes Were Horses….. (or, My Simple Solution to the Debt Ceiling Crisis)

On Friday, we got the latest edict from on high: President Obama announced new automobile fuel-efficiency standards on Friday that require an average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

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Job Openings Available!

. I saw this yesterday in the comments section at another blog.  I don’t know where the commenter got the original.  I took the liberty of adding some pictures – I hope you enjoy it! If you or anyone you … Continue reading

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Psssst…..We hit the Debt Ceiling on May 16th.

. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of this president waiting until the last minute to take care of problems that are entirely of his own making. Now, I don’t know if this method of … Continue reading

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Why Does This Thing Keep Blinking “12:00”?

If any of my children were stand-up comics, I would be giving them plenty of material to use in their act.  I used to laugh at all of those comedians who told stories about their parents and grandparents not being … Continue reading

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Anyone looking for a part-time job in Austin?

. . Wendi Aarons has a job opportunity for someone with a strong constitution: …The Movie Chaperone will be responsible for meeting Mrs. Aarons and her two (2) children at the theater. He/she will then wait in line for popcorn … Continue reading

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Pulling Back the Curtain (or: A politician accidentally tells the truth)

Yesterday, I heard something that I have never – NEVER – heard an American politician admit on national TV: that the American government has been lying to her people for the past 75+ years.  See if you can pick it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the One I Love

On this day 51 years ago, a very special little boy was born. I just LOVE Birthdays!  (Especially mine….)

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