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You Only Run Twice….

. …aka “Why we LOVE Citizens United: . . This election season could be a LOT of fun…. .

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So Happy Together….

. Growing up, this was always one of my favorite songs – now whenever I hear it, I think about summertime when I was a kid: . .

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Confirmed: Cinderella is a Slut

Admit it – you always had your suspicions, didn’t you? (Click on picture to view video – you’ll have to endure a short commercial…) The Real Housewives of Disney Have a great day!

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The Best (Belated) Valentine’s Day Ever

. Just a couple of kids….. . It started in a lecture hall at Texas A&M University in January, 1979. Yours truly was a freshman who started out in Pre-Med, but after one semester – and a tearful call home … Continue reading

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Anne Boleyn and Obamacare

I”ll admit that I have always been a bit of an “unconventional” thinker – lots of different things fascinate me. I read articles and books on things that interest me. Sometimes, I end up seeing weird connections – my thinking … Continue reading

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More politicians like this, please…..

Can we PLEASE have more politicians in Washington, D.C. like this?  Please?

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Well, shoot….

I had a nice post all prepared about the whole Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood debaucle, and now they’ve gone and changed their minds again. Ah, well….. Guess I’m back to not supporting SGK – I don’t want there to be … Continue reading

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