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A short, fat, middle-aged, happily-married, mother of 4 daughters. A former high school valedictorian (way back in the Stone Age), a Civil Engineering major in college, a middle-of-the-road Conservative, and a moderate Methodist. I know just enough to get myself in trouble....

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

. Twenty-two years ago today, a spirited whirlwind of a girl blew into our lives: ….and we have never been the same.  Where has all that time gone? God has a wicked sense of humor – ask any family that has more … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes – “You and I”

. Michael Buble, sexy and soulful – the boy can eat crackers in my bed any time. (The lovely Mrs. Buble might have a problem with that…. :P ) . . Have a nice, relaxing day – .

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Saying Goodbye – Two Years Later

. The following is a reprint from August 25, 2012: …..She had drawn her first breath; she quietly drew her last, with no farewell but one loving look, one little sigh. With tears and prayers and tender hands, Mother and … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

. This commercial came out in 1996 – the first time I saw it, I almost fell off of the couch, I was laughing so hard. All these years later, it still makes me giggle :P . .

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The One and Only Gene Kelly

In honor of Gene Kelly’s birthday, I thought I would include some clips from several of my favorite movies of his through the years.

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Still Crazy (In Love) After All These Years

Thirty-four years ago today, two starry-eyed kids said “I do”…. To my wonderful husband, Paul – thank you for all of the special memories, and for making me so incredibly happy.

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Foodie Friday (A Day Early) – Golden Chicken Nuggets

. From time to time, I have to remind my daughters that there was actually a time when we didn’t have the Internet and instant access to any recipe under the sun – we had to rely on recipes passed down from … Continue reading

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